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Date du début: 1 sept. 2016, Date de fin: 30 juin 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Re-Solute is an intercultural youth exchange for young people at the age of 14 - 18, before the UNESCO world heritage revolving around the search for solutions and friendship. The intercultural encouter und the possibilities over personal-, youthcultural, national- and european topics is a keyfocus of Re-Solute. Trough intercultural workshops in theater, circus, parkour, graffiti and new media the particpants will gain an inclusive approach towards another, which goes beyond national borders. Understandment, empathy, but also thematical work for european topics is possible via this media."Resolute" stands for resolute determination to make a responsible contribution to solute and returne to peace in times of conflict.These activities are nestled in an intercultural learning program with experiential learning, language animation, international evening and exploration of Mainz downtown and the surroundings.An important objective of Re-Solute it is to involve the cultural diversity of the participants as a strength in the project. Adolescents with different backgrounds receive a collective voice. This is encouraged by the programm through the use of methods for intercultural working methods.The perceptions of the participating cultures, traditions, values and norms will be part of the intercultural process.In the workshops, which constitute the bulk of the project, the cultural diversity of the participants is presented artistically through joint activities. The workshops also serves to experience the common features of the young people - in spite of their completely different backgrounds - though.The use of new and traditional media allows participants to explore new ways to express themselfes and to enter into an active communication with their environment, to influence it and to acquire it creativily. The citybound opportunities for experiences and the opportunities for personal development are diverse and ment to be approached easily and effectively. Ultimately, young people are empowered through the activities and encouraged - even after the project is finished - to intervene actively in the regional as well as global cultural life.



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