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Like most cities that were once part of the former Sovietbloc, Hungarian cities have experienced major traumas,especially social traumas, since the collapse of the oldregime. The problems that began during that time have yetto be solved, and cities have to contend simultaneously withhousing problems, rehabilitation of existing buildings, issuesof environmental quality, unemployment and the precarioussituation of many inhabitants. The cities know that they mustchange their policies and acquire new working methodsand new skills that are more effective and more relevant,if they are to meet these challenges and respond effectively.They decided therefore to reflect together on these necessarychanges, and to find ways of learning from the experience ofcities in the older Member States of the European Union.This is the background to the proposal submitted by the Cityof Miskolc on behalf of five other Hungarian cities.The project consists of a three-day training session designedto improve the capabilities of practitioners in the cities. Therewere 20 practitioners from the 6 cities present and the aim ofthe event was to cover the following:> Day 1: integrated urban development policies in Europe;support from European structural funds>Day 2: methodology of an urban development projectfinanced by European structural funds>Day 3: looking deeper into the issues through discussionsbased on exchanges of experienceThe PRE-REGENERATION final report outlines someof the results attained from these discussions. Achievements: Please refer to the 'Description' field, which also includes the achievements of this project.



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