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RCNUWC/Laski Youth Exchange Awareness of Blindness Project (October 2009)
Date du début: 3 sept. 2009,

Our project is a continuation a Youth exhange between students at RCNUWC and blind students at Laski. During our week of direct contavt, each RCNUWC student will shadow the activities of a Laski student, gaining an awareness of the implications of being blind, and learning about the ways in which the educational program is delivered for blind people at Laski. Each evening, group discussions will help focus participants on their experiences during the day. Discussions will include a comparison of the two societal models for accomodating blind people - integration of individuals in normal school environments (such as in Norway) and collection in an institution dedicate dto special needs (as in Poland). It is anticipated that the visiting students will be exposed to applications of computer technology in use these days in facilitating learning for blind people. The RCNUWC students will have prepared themselves to play Goalball with their blind counterparts, as part of their own learning about coping with disabilities. (Goalball is played by sighted people while blindfolded.) Last year we made a memorable trip together to Krakow and Auschwitz, and it was a remarkable two days of bonding between the two groups of students. This year the plan is to travel by train together to Gdynia-Gdansk. One of the two themes of this tripp wil be the evolution of Polish society out of communism and into the modern world, the shipyard activism in Gdansk being pivotal in the process. Again, the most positive spinoffs are expected to be social, with the students living together during the trip.


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