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Равен шанс - повишаване умения и компетенция на младежки работници подкрепящи хора с увреждания
Date du début: 4 janv. 2016, Date de fin: 3 juil. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Project "Equal Chance - increasing the skills and competence of youth workers supporting people with disabilities" the Association "Focus - European Centre for Development" is a training course hosted by BULGARIA - hosting organizations and participants partners / sending organizations: Italy, Spain, Portugal, Czech Republic Romania, Greece, Poland, Belgium, Croatia and Turkey / 11 total countries /. Main objective is the exchange of experiences and good practices in the socialization of young people with special needs in partner countries through knowledge of foreign cultures and participation in activities related to the direct work with people with disabilities. Activities will be implemented in Pazardzhik, Bulgaria during 04-09 April 2016.The main activities planned for the training course are: interactive games, meetings with local professionals working in services for people with disabilities guest conversation with the speakers, participate in different workshop, debates, musical games to express themselves, creative activities acquiring new knowledge and skills in the arts subsequent importance for application in practice and in the professional sphere in working with disadvantaged people, modeling and working with objects - presentation of different methods of integration and socialization, presentation of different means of inclusion of disadvantaged people in various initiatives and activities. Main objective is the exchange of experiences and best practices in working with people with mental disabilities in the process of socialization and integration into society, as well as acquisition of new methods and techniques for direct work with people with disabilities and their multiplication locally / in each partner countries / after completion of the training course. Goal is to increase the skills and competencies of youth workers to work directly with people with mental disabilities. Increase self-esteem and level of knowledge of the different types of disabilities. Goal is the active involvement of youth workers in direct work with people with disabilities and testing of new methods and techniques. In the process of realization of the training course will include youth with disabilities, will initiate direct work with them in order to complete the process and to test what they have learned during the days of study. This will help to involve young people with disabilities in activities that to date have not participated, introducing a new culture, new worlds to touch as language, lifestyle, working habits. Introduction and build new friendships and dating. The project will help to exchange best practices in working with people with disabilities to acquire new knowledge to support and work, learn and have fun together. In operation will involve 33 youth workers aged 18 to 30 years.



10 Participants partenaires