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Raising the awareness of young people on climate change and responsible environmental and civic behaviour (Green Ambassadors for Climate Change Prevention)
Date du début: 18 août 2011, Date de fin: 18 août 2012 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

If youth awareness on climate change and related civic conduct by applying the EU-endorsed content and approach intended for school-age students. The toolkit is available from a European Commission web site dedicated to the topic ( It is translated into the official languages of the European Union. It contains PowerPoint presentations with teaching notes, quizzes, animated films, video-clips, publications, games, a carbon calculator, diagrams, questions and answers on climate change, description of EU actions, a series of four thematic materials entitled “Turn down”, “Switch off”, “Recycle” and “Walk” under the common motto “Take control”. The materials will be translated into Serbian language to be directly usable by the Serbian students from the Project web site. Ten secondary schools will be selected for participation in the project: 5 in Kyustendil District and 5 in Jablanitsa District. One teacher from each school will be identified to act as a “contact point”. They will serve as a link between the project partners and the students and will perform training and communication functions. A total of 200 students will be recruited – 20 from each school, to be trained as “school green ambassadors”. They will disseminate the knowledge they have acquired among their schoolmates, relatives and friends. Twenty individuals, including environmentalists, civic activists, public figures and representatives of the Roma minority, will be recruited as “regional green ambassadors” to spread the EU-endorsed messages on a regional level. They will set up a network for exchange of information and experience and for best practice dissemination. Joint cross-border awareness campaigns will be carried out. Two innovative electronic teaching aids will be developed and uploaded on the project web site: an e-learning tool and a knowledge-testing platform. A green camp with an advanced training workshop, a closing round table and an exit survey will be held. Achievements: The project achieved its goal through implementation of the following activities:- 219 students were trained as “green ambassadors” in the districts of Kyustendil and Jablanica;- A “Green Camp” was organized in the District of Jablanica for 20 regional green ambassadors and teachers from the Bulgarian and Serbian border regions for 4 days. It included a highly interactive advance level workshop on climate change and environmental issues;- The total 22 climate change and civic behaviour awareness campaigns were organized at schools in the border region: 16 on school and interschool level and 6 joint Serbian and Bulgarian ones. 10 campaigns were involved a parallel green action (participation in the "Let Us Clean Bulgaria in One Day" and "Clean Serbia" campaigns). Over 2000 students, teachers and educators from the border region participated in them;- The joint Bulgarian-Serbian Round Table “Climate Change and Responsible Environmental and Civic Behaviour” was held in the town of Kyustendil. The round table was focused on the results of the pilot project of raising the awareness of secondary school students on climate change and related environmental, economic and health issues;- A web-based e-learning platform was developed and released in 3 languages: English, Bulgarian and Serbian. The platform is available on the project web site: A documentary about the joint Bulgarian and Serbian activities under the project was created;- A comprehensive promotional campaign was implemented for promotion of the programme including organization of four press conferences;The project was successfully completed in July 2012.



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