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Rainbow of peace
Date du début: 1 mai 2016, Date de fin: 30 avr. 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project " Rainbow of peace" aims to offer seven young Europeans the opportunity to volunteer in organisations that work with and for people with fewer opportunities, the mentally ill, social challenge and the managing work in that field. The volunteers are encouraged to bring forth their own ideas to engage the patrons of the organisations they will work with. The work is also focused on communication and the volunteers are expected to integrate into their local community. By doing so impacting the lives of the patrons and the lives of the people they meet and their own in the process. All projects focus on using artistic and physical ways to engage the patrons and find activities that they enjoy. To offer friendship, support, work through differences and various barriers the face those that use the services of the host placements. The volunteers will have a chance to experience a new culture, learn new skills and using creativity in relation to a workplace for people with social advantages, mental illnesses and to help managing related work. The aim is to integrate this young volunteer into Icelandic culture and community through the work placements and activities arranged by AUS to help them adjust to a new culture and hopefully learn from it. The volunteer will have a chance to enhance their professional and personal skill while doing their voluntary work and other free time activities.The projects that will host volunteers are AUS, The Red Cross, Ásgarður and Geysir. All project will be having a volunteer for 12 months. The volunteer for Ásgarður comes from Spain, her name is Ana Esteve Ayllón and she has previous experience in the social field but not working with mentally disabled people. She was particularly interested in the artistic and natural environment which the project offers. The volunteer for AUS is coming from Russia. Her name is Elena Ilina She is highly modivated to work for AUS as to take part in managing and selecting future volunteers who come to Iceland through Erasmus + program. We find that she has much to add to AUS office with her knowledge in marketing and interest in connections between different cultural areas. The volunteer for Geysir comes from Hungary, her name is Zsófia Szlanna.The red cross will host four volunteers. Volunteer from Ireland has been selected for Vin and three of them, who will be working in the office and as a backup for the RedCross other humanity projects, have not yet been chosen. We expect the impact on the volunteers to be through their host placements, the people they meet and the activities they take on. Through their host placement the volunteers will gain various life skills. The volunteers will learn how to interact and communicate with the target groups and how to implement their own projects aimed at engaging those groups. The volunteers will learn how to get by in a new cultural setting and by doing so have the opportunity to learn to rely on oneself, make friends with people from different cultural background. The impact on the volunteers is therefore very much on a personal level and it is ultimately up to them to make the most of it.We foresee that the biggest impact on the host placements will be through the interactions and friendships that the volunteer will forge. The impact will be through innovation and in foreign language and similarly on the clients - new person, new view, ideas, elements and methods of work and not least practice language skills. Long term impact is foreseen through the participation of these two volunteers in their host placements, interactions with the people they work with and impact that this year away will have on their own life. Lasting friendships will be made and the long term overall impact will be on the people themselves, the local community and possibly on the way the host placements work and do things.



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