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Rainbow Connection
Date du début: 1 mai 2015, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The participants were a group of young people who were tired of narrow gender norms and wanted to implement the youth exchange "Rainbow Connection" in order to discuss and learn more about LGBTQ -issues (Lesbian, Gay, Transsexual, Queer) and how it looks in different countries. It's an important project because LGBTQ people are a vulnerable group in society today and this should be changed, by including informing, highlighting the issue and addressing the problems that LGBTQ people experience and are exposed to. The participants want to build strong links with LGBTQ people from other countries to create a wide network, get a broader image of LGBTQ in the world and be able to fight together. The Swedish group was composed of eight young people and three leaders writing and participating in the project. They invited eight young people and two leaders from three different countries organizations that have some type of LGBTQ profile to come to Sweden. During the exchange the total amount of participants was 32 from which six came from France, seven from Slovakia, ten from Israel and ten from Sweden. The exchange took place in Mölndal, Sweden, 12-17 June 2015. Among the activities carried out there were LGBTQ presentations and seminars, creative workshops, a study visit to Gothenburg Pride Festival, Gays in Angered and Simone, group discussions, role plays, photo workshop and an international cultural evening. The goal of the project was to find a community with other groups as well as to work together on the LGBT topic. The participants achieved their main goal to share knowledge, culture and experiences with each other, as well as to to get to know each other and show the Swedish LGBTQ culture to foreign groups. They could meet new friends who belong to sexual minorities like them. The impact of the project was big on many levels. The Young people's personal and social development leading to a bigger self confidence and a better potential of taking part as an active citizens. Better and improved knowledge of the LGBTQ issue and project management of all participating organisations and higher potential of taking part in international projects in the future. The Youth Exchange helped stimulate and support activities that built upon and required the active involvement and responsibilty of youngsters, which lead to young people's personal and social development through the non-formal learning principles. Higher visibility of the LGBTQ theme leading to a improved consious and respect to human rights issues.



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