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Räpina Aianduskool õpib Euroopas!
Date du début: 1 juin 2016, Date de fin: 31 mai 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Who:A) 77 students of Räpina Horticultural School. B) 18 teachers/ staff members of the school.C) 15 Host partners from Austria, Germany (3) , France (2), United Kingdom, Finland (7) and Denmark.Activities: - students mobility in partner schools/ organizations and enterprises;- 2 teachers teaching/training assignments abroad;- 14 teachers and 2 staff members training abroad. Main aims of the mobility's are for participants:- to increase cultural awareness;- to increase foreign language skills;- to improve vocational skills in their specialty;- to increase motivation of school staff;- to acquire knowledges of teaching methods, integration vocational study in to foreign language classes. (school staff)- to exchange professional knowledge between partner-schools staff.The participants for students mobilities are chosen on the basis of their motivation letter and application. A team will make the decision among all candidates. The mobilities for teachers and school staff are put together on the basis of their motivation letters and will fulfill their needs to improve their work skills.All participants need to pass trough a foreign language courses that will be finance from project leading budget.The project manager is responsible for leading the project, she will organize travel tickets, communicates with partner organisations and with participants, she draw up the 3-part agreement and organizes all preparation meetings with participants. She will monitore students practice during the mobility's. In the end draws the project final report. The impact for all participants are:- better foreign language skills;- new and better vocational skills;- they are more aware of different cultural behaviors;- grow of self-confidence and self of duty.The impact for students:- better career prospects;- new contacts in field of their qualification;- grow of motivation to study.The impact for teachers/specialists:- awareness of knowledge in their field of work;- new contacts in their specialty among partner-school staff;- grow of motivation to work.Impact for sending organisation:- increased partner-network;- developed schools international collaboration;- quality of teaching has grown;- school staff is more motivated and has new improved knowledges.The good results of the project will be spread among the school and outside the school trough school Erasmus+ Internet site and trough school Facebook page. In the school the students will introduce their mobilites during the practice report presentation for other students and teachers. The participated teachers will report their study trip in school annual trainingmeetings to all school working staff.



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