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Radio Blog E-volution: Network Challenge
Date du début: 1 sept. 2016, Date de fin: 30 nov. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Radio blog E-volution is youth on line media / project that explores the topics and problems from the nowadays life. It aims to develop civic awareness among the young people in the society /local and international/, to increase their civic participation in the society processes and make them more active citizens. This media project is supported by EVS volunteers and "ERASMUS +" programe. In this project we will try to enlarge our product and start making radio network /broadcasting from different spots and places/, because of the possibilities of Internet and Skype. Including in our work the support of EVS and local volunteers is scope for exchange of ideas, draw a good experience and practices regarding the problems and interests of young people. Activities of our radio blog take place through meetings, interviews, making live broadcasts in English and Bulgarian, writing articles, making playlists, promoting our product /in real life and social media/. Every week we put some problem that we explore, develop and try to find different opinions and perspectives on it. In the project and radio work we want to overstep the regionaldimension and follow the common horizons for young people from different parts of Europe and world.The term of the voluntary service is one year and starts on 1st of October. The number of the EVS volunteers is three people from different European countries aged between 18 - 29. The place of the activities is the city of Sliven, Bulgaria. Volunteers will be introduced in journalistic work: theoretically and technically – to be able to cope with maintaining a website and making alone or in a team a radioshow. They will be given some training in music editing and editing audio files - activities that are directly linked to the work in a radio. We will support the participants in their first steps as radio speakers, until they begin to lead their own radio broadcast. All training will be based on the methods of non-formal education as an enjoyable and easy way to acquire new knowledge and skills. These methods will also be used to involve the participants in the project to the organization's team. Since the communication with the local community is crucial for the successful execution of the project at its beginning will be launched Bulgarian language course that will help participants to integrate easier to the community. Learning new languages and linguistic diversity is one of the specific objectives of "ERASMUS +" program. EVS volunteers will be provided with a great opportunity to explore Bulgarian culture, history, traditions.Because this project is sequel of another projects and based on the resulls reached till now we will continue with our social work with EVS: “Crumbs theater” - a concept based on collective kneading bread, that brings together people of different ages, social backgrounds and interests. This is a very good tool for integration between different groups of people, particularly EVS volunteers to the local community.A new element to include in this project is Forum theater: attractive method of promoting public debate on issues that target group alone has identified as important - a concept that overlaps with the main objectives of the project to activate young people to various civic and social problems. Forum theater helps to implement internal demand for personal expression and actively defend their own opinion and civic position.



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