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Radi labāku dzīvi un pasauli caur pozitīvo domāšanu un kultūras medijiem
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project “Create better life and world through the positive thinking and culture media” provided the representatives of the association “Media Creative Studio” with a learning mobility in adult education, who following the mobility as adult education specialists would train other members and supporters of the association. In the framework of the project, 5 participants took part in a learning mobility in Portugal. The project partner was Associação de Artes Circenses dos Açores - 9´Circos. The duration –June 1, 2015 -May 31, 2016. The overall objective of the project – to promote adult continuing education opportunities in the region, offer professional development opportunities abroad to adult education specialists in order to promote the role of the regional media in the culture process management and implementation of the culture strategy. The immediate objective of the project – to develop the quality of the Latgale regional media through giving an opportunity to its representatives to obtain innovative knowledge and skills based on international experience. The tasks of the project: -to ensure the availability of information for the representatives of the association “Media Creative Studio” on the project tasks, objectives, expected results, nature and opportunities of the project inviting them to participate in the selection of participants; -to carry out a high-quality preparation process for the project participants; -to provide learning mobility in a project in Portugal for 5 participants in cooperation with the partners; -to develop a programme for each project participant, each on an individual subject (total –5 programmes); -to implement the developed programmes by providing the training for the writers/journalists of the Latgale regional media; -to carry out the evaluation of the project participants and results; -to hold master classes for the improvement of the press media; -to make public information on the project results on the website of the implementing party of the project, websites of the partners. By reaching the goals of the project one of the main priorities of “Media Creative Studio” was implemented – to promote the development of journalism in Latgale region, to gain international experience in order to develop professional media, which reflect cultural activities that is one of the region's most valuable assets, thus creating a positive thinking society. In order to achieve the set priority, the association had to develop and pay greater attention to provision of life-long education to its participants and supporters, the organization itself had to become an educational institution in line with its strategy goals. Since 2001 the organization had developed and implemented projects as a partner and the leading organization in culture politics, society integration, realization of culture assets and in education of young journalists. Seminars, courses and trainings were organized by the representatives of the association. They lacked, however, international experience. This project had envisaged educating – in the framework of adult mobility – education specialists, which upon their return form mobility would develop their training programmes and provide training to those interested and implement it in the work of the association. The strategic development of the association “Media Creative Studio” for the period 2014-2020 was directed towards life-long learning of the participants and supporters providing it with the help of local educators. For the education specialists the focus was on gaining new experience and knowledge in the media sector. As a result 5 interlinked training programmes were designed: 1) visual identity of a writing media and its concept for the target group – the design of the cover and content; 2) development of culture content, division and design of slots and the content layout (photos, visual art, music, etc.); 3) balance between the electronic media and the printed press, trends in Europe; 4) photography, pattern and design of the writing media and connection with the readers’ mentality, ethnicity and different perceptions; 5) specific aspects of culture media content, differences from the other media. The project participants were evaluated by the partner, certificates were provided. The implementing party of the project prepared a Europass Mobility document to each participant. The results were disseminated on the local, regional and international level. They were available to all writing media for gaining new knowledge and skills important for this sector in order to improve adult education processes. Following the mobility 32 media representatives were trained, in addition, the newly designed programmes were offered to other regional media of Latvia, where there were numerous city and area newspapers and independent writing media, who were interested in the training to boost their attractiveness in the eyes of the readers.



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