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R.E.S.P.E.C.T. - Rezultatele de maine ale Elevilor- Succesul Profesorilor ce tind spre Europenizarea invatamantului de Calitate pe Termen lung
Date du début: 1 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 nov. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project we apply for is a KA1 mobility project for school education so that a number of 20 teachers could participate to 4 training courses chosen according to the identified needs of continuous training. The necessity of this project derives from the fact, noticed especially at institutional level, that there are some difficulties the teaching staff is confronted with, regarding approaching new, innovative and attractive didactic methods which can increase the students' motivation for school and, consequently, the decrease of the rate of early school leaving among students. The objectives of this project are: -the improvement of continuous training of 20 persons from the teaching staff from our school, during1 year period, within an European context -the development of the competences for innovative teaching in order to transfer the theoretical notions into practice within the didactic activity -acquiring good managerial practises in order to develop an innovative managerial approach with a practical impact upon the institutional and local community -the improvement of the participants' competences to communicate in a foreign language (English) -raising participants' awareness regarding the European vision upon the educational and managerial systems -the improvement of participants' knowledge regarding the problem of early school leaving by offering a theoretical background, practical information and data, facilitating at the same time sharing good practises and experiences within European context -raising the participants' abilities to cooperate at international level -the improvement of the abilities to use the 21st century technologies in the teaching and managerial practice -acquiring didactic competences in order to motivate students for school -perfecting the competences to design motivating and attractive lessons for the students in the technical and vocational schools -developing strategies meant to improve the quality of the educational activity in school The 20 participants at these courses are teachers and members of the managerial staff. The participants belong to all professional stages, starting with the youngest teachers, at the very beginning of their teaching career, up to the most experienced ones with their First Degree Certificate obtained or with the PhD Diploma, having, consequently, different ages, different motivations and different needs. The participants are teachers specialized in all curricular areas present at the level of our school which will represent a plus for and during the ulterior dissemination and implementation activities of the project and for the positive impact upon the students and the local school community. The 20 participants will attend 4 courses as it follows: - Finnish lessons for EU schools, Joensuu, Finlanda - 2 participants - Current Issues in Education – Early School Leaving, Praga, Cehia - 6 participants - Teaching through 21st Century Methodologies, Barcelona, Spania - 6 participants - Enhance Technical and Vocational Education - Motivate Students of Technical and Vocational Education, Brugge, Belgia - 6 participants The activities that will be organized during these courses are workshops, debates, discussions, group-projects, case analysis, visits of study in technical and vocational schools as well as in Universities, each of these activities being part of a clearly established programme set by the host organizations and brought to the participants' attention before the beginning of the mobilities. The results brought about by the participation at these courses are: -the increase of the participants' capacity to cooperate at international level who will eventually provide the students a realistic view upon Europe - positive and long-term effects upon teachers leading to a raise in the personal and professional motivation reflected in didactic approaches and teaching activities stimulating for the students -additional knowledge regarding the problem of early school leaving so that the participants can put them into practice in school, in order to obtain on short, medium and long term a decrease in the number of students who leave school early - mprovement of competences related to their professional profile -knowledge regarding the concept of "motivation" and the positive influence upon the motivation of students for school and education -strategies of didactic design for technical and vocational lessons -strategies of improving the quality education in school -better abilities to cooperate with local economic agents who could become partners for our students' in-company classes The impact of these courses will be reflected in the personal and professional development of each participant, in the teaching body of the school through the dissemination and implementation activities of the new acquisitions and especially, in the students' well being due to a higher quality educational approach.