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QUTE - Quality in Vocational Education

The QUTE project will develop a quality assurance package for VET schools, responding to the fact that, competition between VET schools to attract students, means that high quality courses must be offered in order to compete. The project aims to build upon existing self-evaluation quality assurance indicators for learners, teachers and headmasters in VET schools, will compare delivery of quality assurance between schools, and will encourage dialogue between schools and social partners in an effort to raise awareness of and to promote quality assurance. A package of self-evaluation tools will be developed in the course of the project, to include flexible self-administered questionnaires; strategies for stimulating a self-evaluation culture; a communication system that promotes dialogue among social partners and training for project users. A project web-portal will be further established to provide the necessary tools for self-evaluation, to include an electronic expert system that can instantly assess strengths and weaknesses in users' self-evaluation reports and can match schools in different locations to enable comparison and good practice suggestions. The web portal will establish a direct link between different users and different levels of users and results specific to quality assurance testing. An 'Information Day' will be organised in each of the partner countries to advertise the project, and each partner is expected to contribute to publications and dissemination efforts about the project in their own country. Wider dissemination will be achieved through the project website and related websites.



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