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Quantum Leap Trend
Date du début: 5 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 4 janv. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The QLT long-term EVS project will be carried out at Campobello di Licata (Sicily) and managed by the local branch of the Archeoclub d’Italia. The main objectives of it are the full activation of the new touristic, cultural & youth center (K.I.S.S. - Kalat International Summer School) aimed to the local development of the area of Campobello di Licata - besides the new KALAT project, which main’s objective is the internationalization of the territory-, and the reciprocal intercultural exchange with the role of the association as “Europe’s gateway” for the local community & the volunteers as the “mirrors” where they can be reflected. During 10 months, 2 youngsters from France (Chloè Parisot & Ariane L’Hostis), will become main characters for the launch and implementation of: a) KISS (KALAT) Center initiatives & management: • International Workshops about identitary resources; • a Cultural Centre with Game Room & the Documentation Center for personal development (USEIT); • didactic activities & workshops (ArcheoloDida); • permanent & temporary exhibitions (Antiquarium). b) QLT’s sustainables activities (with a great impact in the local community): • international summer camps of archaeology & local heritage (HAPPENING); • an annual anti-mafia event (SiAmo Falcone). • realizing local development projects & sustainable tourism. c) Promotion activities to promote the activities of the Hosting Organisation, of the EVS & European mobility at local, national & international level. All these, carried out by people from different backgrounds & nationalities, will offer a great chance of non-formal learning in an international & multicultural context in Sicily's hinterland.



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