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Quality of Life, creative pathways for family learning
Date du début: 1 oct. 2009,

The project “Qoflife, creative pathways of family learning” wants to improve quality of life through creativity and innovation targeting the growing number of European citizens who deal with dementia and all its often negative consequences like depersonalisation and isolation. Artists offer professional staff, volunteers and family members informal learning environments in which they can practise and experience new ways of taking care of and communicating with the people with dementia. In 3 countries the artists will be involved in a series of workshops using different art forms. Participants, including people with dementia and their carers, will learn by experience how to be aware and give real attention. They will be encouraged to communicate non-verbally and to express themselves creatively in a failure-free environment. Through visits and exchange project participants will pool their experience and knowledge. Quality management and evaluation will be supplied throughout by qualified and experienced partners.To ensure a wider take-up of the approach the 2 university partners will help to produce the results to which all the steps in the work program are targeted: the production of a handbook with a description of working methods to inform organisations and policy institutions of the new approach, a handout designed to give message to professional carers and family and a the train the trainer program to have more artists available for this method. Dissemination channels will be mapped to ensure reaching end users above beyond the life time of the project. Effective dissemination will spread the news around and more family, more demented persons, more professional staff in countries in Europe will start to use their own creativity thus enhancing the quality of their life. In this way Qoflife becomes a pebble in the pond that puts the water into motion.



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