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Quality Audit Tool for School Leaders
Date du début: 1 sept. 2014, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This application is for funding to support the development of a Quality Audit Tool for School Leaders (QATSL). The project partners (five European HEIs, The University of Oslo (UO), The University of Murcia (UM), Jagiellonainan University (JU), University College Dublin (UCD) and Canterbury Christ Church University (CCCU)) have substantial and successful experience of collaboration over six Erasmus Intensive Programmes for Masters students of school leadership. This audit tool will question school leaders about their settings and their practice in an effort to engage them in a school improvement agenda that augments those currently offered by their national inspection organizations. The audit tool, which will be presented as a virtual learning environment , will offer literature and case studies to support the school improvement agenda. It will also offer opportunities for discussion and forums on issues of joint educational interest to school leaders. The project will foster and encourage a network of European school leaders as it develops from initially being a tool for Masters students on leadership programmes to something that school leaders and schools generally can access. This project aims to collaboratively involve future and practicing school leaders and their workplaces while offering them the chance to develop as critical change agents able to lead more participative and democratic schools and environments and contribute to the discourse on school improvement. The primary modes of learning will reflect an inclusive democratic approach recognising participants' diversity and needs and promoting active engagement. Concurrent with this, a wide and articulated set of outputs relevant to development and dissemination of innovative teaching materials (using ICT) and to sharing views, ideas, experiences and good practice is expected as well. The project will directly build on our previous IPs, using the same HEI consortium, building on our experience in working with the target beneficiaries. The project will have benefits for school leaders, schools and also HEIs who will be able to modernise their provision by developing technological approaches that enhance their curriculum and who will also benefit from new learning and in-school research captured as part of the case studies on QATSL. The project will start with a start-of–the-art report to capture national education policy in the participating countries and topical issues related with school improvement. The online tool will then be developed, reviewed and redeveloped. The final stages of the project will involve embedding this resource into the curriculum in the participating universities and developing a wider use to support School Leaders in improving their practice. The development of this project will be a self-conscious process which will be continually reviewed and examined by the project partners to support the development of future working. This process will be profiled through dissemination strategies. QATSL will not only provide a resource for school leadership but will offer opportunities for learning about and from collaboration and using technology to support the development of networks for school leaders throughout Europe.



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