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Qualitätssteigerung durch internationale Kooperation und LehrerInnenfortbildung in der EU
Date du début: 1 juil. 2015, Date de fin: 30 juin 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

At our school we believe that a viable curriculum sets the basis for effective and enjoyable education and life-long learning. In designing our school development plan for the next couple of years we have therefore decided to put a strong focus on curriculum development which resulted in a comprehensive re-organisation of our upper school classes. This implied the installation of the WIKURS - System where we offer a large variety of elective courses to our pupils thus giving them the freedom to pursue their particular interests.In the attempt of re-structuring our curriculum and adapting it to the new requirements (= introduction of new standards, changes in subject content, advances in technology, changed laws and procedures, student learning needs) the educators at our school firstly concerned themselves with two main questions:1) How do we make upper school more appealing to our students (What do we offer them, which makes them want to continue their school career at our school? How can we stay ahead of our competitors?)2) How can we improve our teaching to meet students learning needs better ( where do we need additional professional development?)Based on these two questions we carried out a needs analysis on our staff’s current skills, knowledge and aspirations in each department. We agreed that teaching quality is one of the most important factors in raising student achievement. For teachers, to be as effective as possible, they need to continually expand their knowledge and skills to implement the best educational practices. One of the teachers will take part in a teacher training course at Oxford university and the other one has got the permission to take part in a paedagcical exchange in Lithuania.The mobility project will have a major impact on the successful implementation of our WIKURS System. We are expecting the following benefits to the individuals and our school:The activities mentioned above will allow our educators to keep up with developments in the TEFL field The new knowledge acquired will be applied in the classroom thus helping our school to stay ahead of competitors by offering new courses that our pupils might not find elsewhere. After the project has been successfully carried out we will measure the success of the project by Individual evaluation ( project staff ) and Stakeholder analysis and feedback.The long-term objective of this project is to further the professional development of our teachers in order to improve the quality of teaching and learning, to motivate students, and to disseminate the experiences and to raise awareness of European cultural diversity and similarity.