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Qualifying for Europe
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Upper Franconia is a structurally weak region. Many of its mid-sized companies, e. g. in the realm of industry or car component suppliers, have international business contacts and thus a special need for qualified personnel. Therefore the Berufsschule III strives to recognize future tendencies as well on the international labour market in time and to react to their students with a comprehensive and up-to-date offer of qualifying measures. There is a need for upgrading the knowledge of English particularly regarding technical terms. Furthermore there is a need for upgrading of competences in applying ICT and customer service. Students shall get a deepened insight into the different standards of bookkeeping, accounting, documentation and general management of business. Particularly important is the combination of commercial subjects with the English language as well as a deepened insight by working in an English working environment with its daily routines. Furthermore participants get to know the requirements of a foreign labour market, compare them with the German labour market and become aware of cultural differences. At the same time they strengthen their flexibility and their self-consciousness. The participants are apprentices within the dual system and work mostly in the fields of media, industry, trade and office. These apprenticeships are increasingly internationally orientated. There will be two flows of students, each with15 participants, mainly in the second year of their apprenticeship. Participants will take part in a one-week language course where they are also informed about specifics of their host country. After that they will be on a two-week work experience in pre-selected companies. During the first week participants will take part in lessons. During the following two weeks there will be a short briefing and job shadowing before participants will be increasingly integrated into the work flow. After the project participants will have upgraded as well as widened their professional competences. They are familiar with an English speaking environment in professional as well as everyday situations. A higher degree of internationalisation and a higher percentage of workforce with a migration background, due to the Commonwealth, has improved their crosscultural competence. Motivated by their personal experience they critically analyze the differences between the German and the English way of life in professional and everyday contexts. Their independence as well as their flexibility have grown and they are motivated to reflect their own need for further qualifications. Participating in the project will raise their chances on the labour market considerably.



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