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Q-Placements.Net: The European host companies network for the promotion of international workplace training for IVET students and apprentices
Date du début: 1 oct. 2011,

The global economy demands more and more competitive industries that need innovative workers with international skills and experience. LdV operational objectives set thus a priority on improving the quality and quantity of mobility for IVET target groups . But when a mobility action involves host companies from other countries (specially SMEs), there are many constraints to take part and to achieve successful placements. Not all mobility participants in each country have effective means for dealing with similar organizations in other countries.This network made of coordinating organizations bringing a critical mass of high quality host companies, is the best way to put IVET schools and host companies from different and distant countries in contact, to raise awareness, to facilitate the mobilities, to ensure quality and to follow up, acting as coordinating organizations for both sending trainees and for receiving foreign ones to be hosted at local companies. This network, focus strongly on direct impact on local target groups (host companies, IVET students and schools, sending companies and apprentices for alternate training ), bridging the business and the VET world. All the networking activities are designed to impact on mobility end users: specific aware rising campaigns for each target groups, pilot actions with target groups, building on European expertise of all partners and participant countries. This network will produce a database containing a minimum of 440 high quality host companies from 10 different countries recruited on purpose to facilitate matchings. The network will be acting as an infrastructure to support international workplace training between the target groups of participant countries. Through exploitation process more members are expected to join the network, covering more countries with more coordinating organizations. The network objective is to facilitate matchings between trainees and host companies.



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