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Date du début: 28 août 2015, Date de fin: 27 juin 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This project was a cooperation between 6 partners from 6 different countries: Circus Stjerneskud from Bornholm (DK), Circusplaneet vzw from Ghent (BE), Crooked House from Newbridge (IE), DRONI from Tbilisi (GE), AEGEE from Yerevan (AM) and CDA from Chisinau (MD). 5 of the partners got together through a Mobility for youth workers project in Georgia 2014 D.R.I.P level up T.C found common interests in the methods of puppetry. Each partner has experience in working with young people through their organisations and is involved in projects that reach out to children and young people with fewer opportunities. It is a byproduct of the week in Georgia and the cultural evening. After coming home, we talked about our trip together on the Facebook group on the D.R.I.P. project and found out that everybody was using parts of it now and the youngsters of the organisations of partners where asking about it. So we realized this project is the first concrete action that has resulted from this meeting. But during the proces off contacting the partners before the project start we had some difficulties with the Droni group from Georgia, the manager was on a long term project in the mountains off Georgia and somehow forgot to give the information to his group, so the contact was impossible and we ended up taking Droni group out , it was to late 14 days before start to find participants when we had contact. Humor is the central topic of the project and more specifically the different ways in which it is used in cultural performances with an emphasis on stage performances and circus arts. During an 8-day long exchange, we will explore disciplines like: black theater, sock puppets, shadow theater, stage performance and sounds and noise, both theoretically and practically in several workshops/lectures. This knowledge will enable us to see the possibilities of using puppetry in our work with children and in working in different cultural contexts. The practical skills will enable the participants to create a performance in which the knowledge is applied. This project aims to: increase expertise and knowledge by learning more about puppetry in an inter-cultural context, build a network, empower youngsters, share skills, stimulate participants to cooperate towards creating a performance, build self-confidence when performing and transfer learning processes. There will be no APV, the distance and the economy in traveling twice the distance will for some of the partners be a unnecessary financial burden, but we will provide our partners with videos on the venues, and we will do Skype meetings, we assume this is OK. Participants to this project are youngsters, between 13 and 26 years old, who are willing to share their knowledge and work together to achieve a common goal. Ideally, the participants will have different levels of experience in stage performance or music/ storytelling. The exchange will take place on Bornholm from the 29th of August to the 5th of September 2015 in the town of Sandvig , and will consist of 8 working days . The participants are expected to arrive on the 28th of August. The location of Circus Stjerneskud will be used as the central place for the exchange. During the exchange we did: • Explore different forms of puppetry workshops: sock puppets, shadow theater, stage performance and sounds and noise, both theoretically and practically in several workshops/lectures. The general focus would be of course on creating a performance with the stories the participants carry with them or have in their cultural suitcases. Here we took out black theater, we found out it would be too many tools to introduce and for the show we wanted to create to complicated to set up. • Make an exchange show with the participants through a collaborative process. We will perform with this show in the Red Cross refugee center in Rønne and for local school classes and a kindergarten.For this point we did the refugeecenter in Rønne and a kinder garden • Invite speakers to learn more and discuss about how we can use puppetry/ circus and other stage arts to improve our own lives and the life of others. For this point we had some professional performers from the International puppetry festival on Bornholm to come and tell us about how they where using puppetry in the work on hospitals,prisons , psycatric detentions, refugee camps and in puplic shools. It was another world for the participants , that was shown for them with these guests. After 4 days working with their own story and their own universe they suddenly had the world comming into them and they could see how they took their own life into the puppets and the performance. • Reflect with the participants on their learning experience in the process of being together, exploring different forms and making a group performance. We also want to reflect with them on how to use what they have learned in their pedagogic and artistic work in their local community. For Cirkus Stjernesku



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