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Puppet Theatre- My friend the Puppet
Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The consequences of war in Petrinja are present in a large proportion, and are visible on constructions and social relations of inhabitants. People in Petrinja do not trust each other, and there is no closeness in the community, which often leads to conflict and isolation. These problems are reflected on the children because their parents and community teach that social exclusion is acceptable and thus children lose valuable opportunities to socialize with peers of different cultures. Association IKS wants to long-term impact on these problems by spreading the knowledge of children about multiculturalism, and promoting tolerance and equality. Objectives of this project are following: Objective 1. Promoting human rights, with an emphasis on multiculturalism, tolerance and gender equality Objective 2: Promoting volunteerism and Erasmus + program among young people Objective 3: Promoting inclusion and equality through puppet shows aimed at reducing abuse among children Volunteers will be young persons, aged between 18 and 30 years and young unemployed persons with fewer opportunities. We will have 3 volunteers, one from each country: Spain, France and United Kingdom. Activities that volunteers will be conducting are: 1. Work in puppet studio Volunteers will work in the puppet studio designing and making puppets. This activity will take place through few steps: designing and creating the puppets, drawing and cutting material, sewing puppets and adding final details (eyes, hair, interesting features). The aim of this activity is so that puppets that volunteers will make are as innovative and creative, so they would be amusing to children. 2. Writing scenarios and designing workshops and performing plays and workshops Volunteers will need to create and write a script, conduct rehearsals and practice working with puppets. It is envisaged to design four shows a year, two at a predetermined topics (marking the International Day of Children and International Women's Day), and two plays by free choice of volunteers. Topics will include the promotion of human rights, multiculturalism, tolerance, gender equality and social inclusion with a focus on reducing abuse among children and peacefully solving conflicts. Volunteers will perform the plays in schools and kindergartens and will have the opportunity to interact with children through puppets. 3. Multimedia and marketing In order to promote volunteering and Erasus+ program volunteers will make videos, photos and articles about their experiences on EVS in Petrinja, their volunteer work, project activities. They will also make promotional materials for the shows and their workshops. Volunteers will record preparation and deliverance of puppet plays and edited those materials into video children puppet stories. 4. Writing a book about puppets in working with children During the service volunteers will work on designing a small booklet about the puppets in working with children. This book will be written in English and Croatian and we will be able to distribute to the children, parents and teachers and will be used in working with children and after the project. 5. Promoting volunteering and EVS program EVS volunteers will through a variety of activities promote volunteerism and Erasmus + program. Volunteers will present themselves to the community through publishing on web page of our association and associations Facebook page, guest appearances on the radio, through formal and informal meetings and through the shows and workshops itself. Through these activities a variety of methods will be used: design, sewing, creative writing, critical thinking, projections, interpretation of scenario, role playing, psychodrama, creative techniques, communication training and social skills training. The project is aimed to informal education of children on topics that are important to our community such as tolerance, social inclusion, gender equality, with a special focus on bullying by peers. We expect that after execution of project activities we will raise awareness of children on these topics and especially about the abuse, and the importance of peaceful resolution of the conflict. The influence on the teachers will achieve long-lasting effect because the teachers who adopt working with puppets in the classroom will change their approach to children and make serious topics easily understandable and entertaining.



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