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pularization, Awareness-building, and Knowledge-sharing of VOLLEYball towards Building Healthy Cross-Border Relationships and Developing New CHAMPionS (PAKVOLLEYCHAMPS)
Date du début: 31 août 2010, Date de fin: 30 août 2011 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The subject project – PAKVOLLEYCHAMPS - is guided by multiple objectives aimed at improving cross-border collaboration, through promoting volleyball, bringing kids together, and developing physically and mentally healthy people. The project comprises of few major activities aimed are reaching wider target population of kids from both countries and thereafter identifying and selecting future champions among them. The project is planed to last for nine months and to take place in Subotica and Szeged, respectively. PAKVOLLEYCHAMPS is supposed to kick off with the cross-border youth volleyball tournament, followed by the talent selection process and set up of a training camp for advanced sports work. The project also assumes volleyball education, primarily through the coaches seminar, which is planned as the final major project activity. The project is encompassed by the implementation of the innovative systems which will facilitate organization of the project work itself for the sake of enabling achievement of sustainable results. As well, the planned systems will help better structure the administration of the two clubs for the future successes. Achievements: A volleyball championship on the 24th of June 2011 in Szeged. There was a volleyball camp on the 11th to15th of July 2011. The participants hadtrainings, horse riding, playing squash and water-volleyball, and beach volley.



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