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PTF Malta - PTF Danmark
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project "PTF Malta - PTF Danmark" is a continuation of previous years' projects. In one four-week period, the students of the VG2 from the department of Media and Communication and Health and social care will be deployed in Malta or in Denmark. The students will be a mix of boys and girls. The project in this application is taking place over two years. We wish to send 12 students from Media an Communication to Malta and 6 students from Helth and social care to Denmark each year for a four week period.Health and social care students are deployed in homcare services and kindergarte in Holstebro, Denmark. They will be working interdisciplinary together with nurses, physiotherapists/occupational therapists and other professionals to reach the users goals in home rehabilitation and hometraining. They also will perform such tasks as activation, play and caretaking of children in kindergartens. They will be accompanied by local staff and will learn to work according to the same procedures as them.Media and Communication students will be integrated into a class at MCAST 's Institute of Art and Design. They will work with the same tasks as the Maltese students, and receive instructions and guidance from Maltese teachers. They will have to put a lot of work into sketches and concept development both individually and in collaboration with the Maltese youth. They will have to present their work in front of the class and receive feedback from their fellow students.During the project period, three teachers from our school will be present and monitor students both academically and socially. These teachers will organize excursions and sightseeings on weekends. They are also professionally accountable to the Norwegian curriculum objectives and assessments that the students are working by.We believe and have experienced that such a project gives students more knowledge about how to work abroad where the expectations in work and student life may vary from the ones in Norway. We believe that such a stay would initiate reflections on their own work at home in Norway, and how this is organized.Each student will benefit from the experience of living by themselves, manage their own finances and organize their day so that it becomes a good mix of work, leisure and sleep. This do they get within a safe framing, followed up by their Norwegian teachers.Communicating in English will give them useful language experience .International experience will probably give them a benefit when applying for jobs both in Norway and abroad.It will be issued Europass after the project period, they will also get an individual certificate of participation which in simple terms describe what the student has experienced during their stay in Malta or in Denmark.



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