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Przygotowanie uczniów skarżyskiego Ekonomika do aktywnego uczestnictwa w europejskim rynku pracy
Date du début: 1 sept. 2016, Date de fin: 30 juin 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project `Preparation of Secondary School of Economics students in Skarzysko to participate actively in the European labour market` is addressed to students of our school being trained as future economy, IT, hotel management, freight forwarder and advertising technicians. Its main objective is to support learners in acquiring and raising the level of knowledge and skills beyond the Polish borders. The project also aims to promote the mobility of young people and increase the attractiveness of vocational training. It is to increase the chances of graduates to find work in accordance with their interests or self-employment and contribute to the development of students` language and interpersonal skills. Through participation in the project, students will be able to see beautiful and interesting places in Europe, as well as get to know a part of the culture and history of Germany or Spain. The project is to ensure better recognition of skills acquired during a foreign internship - each participant will receive a certificate from the host institution confirming the completion of the placement and a Europass Mobility certificate from the sending institution signed by the project partners and the NEC. The participants of the project will be 2nd and 3rd year students (now 1st year students) and as part of the project they will have the apprenticeships organized by the German company WBS TRAINING AG and the Spanish company Tribeka TRAINING LAB SL. The first group of participants (16 2nd year economy specialists and two teachers) will leave for a 2-week training to Germany in March 2017. Next group (22 3rd year IT specialists and two teachers) will have their 2-week training in September 2017 and the last group of 16 3rd year advertising technicians and two teachers will go to Germany in October 2017. All the groups will have their training in Dresden. In October 2017, a group consisting of 28 3rd year students: 12 freight forwarder, 10 economy and 6 hotel industry technicians and 3 teachers will have a 2-week internship in Spain (Malaga). For the project partners we chose the German company WBS TRAINING AG we have been cooperating since 2006 with, and the Spanish company Tribeka TRAINING LAB SL. Both partners are experienced in working with youth through numerous participations in LDV, Erasmus +, Socrates and other projects. These are the companies cooperating with many European countries.To achieve its objectives, the project will be managed using the traditional method. Measures have been planned, a schedule has been developed, and at every stage of project implementation, monitoring and control will be carried out. At the end, the summary, final financial settlement and reporting will take place. With such a plan, we will strive to effectively achieve the project objectives while eliminating the risk. The project is managed by the school headmistress and her team, in cooperation with project partners.Implementation of the project includes a series of activities starting from cooperation with partners, arrangements of programs and deadlines for internships, project budgets for particular groups away, preparing the application form, conducting information and promotion actions, recruitment, carrying out organizational, cultural, linguistic and pedagogical preparation for the project participants, the practical and logistic support, holding of foreign apprenticeship, dissemination of project results, evaluation, reporting, and financial settlement.Participation in learning mobility projects is one of our priority actions, in which our students can participate in foreign apprenticeships. This is a very important area of activity that determines the European dimension of our school. Thanks to the project, a variety of tasks can be accomplished and different results can be achieved - the acquisition of practical skills by students, development of a number of key competencies (communication in foreign languages, ,IT, social and civic competence, innovation and entrepreneurship, cultural awareness and expression), improvement in educational attainment, raising European awareness and personality, open attitudes on values such as respect for others, otherness and diversity, obtaining certificates, better start in life. In the short term, participation in the project will mobilize for the advancement of knowledge, self-search for information, achieving better learning outcomes. In the long term, the knowledge and experience gained on probation, will positively affect the functioning of the project participants not only in Polish but also European labor market, the school will increase the attractiveness of vocational training, entrepreneurs will gain better- prepared workers, the market will gain individual entrepreneurs taking their own businesses and maybe the unemployment rate, which in our district exceeds 22%, will decrease.



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