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Date du début: 5 janv. 2015, Date de fin: 4 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project will take place in the region of A Limia. It is a integral development project in a rural community. This is a disadvantaged area, since ther is great sacarcity of a social services, serious problems of aging, depopulation, great lack of opportunities for young people. Therefore, the CDR O Viso aims to address all the needs that people have, with the working in very different areas: - Information Service, Youth Assessment and Support though a Information Young Center CIX CDR O Viso (with points of information in the institutes of the regio), Campaigns and information tables (HIV, Erasmus+, Equality ...9, youth mobility Scholarships, Job Serch, guidance and dissemination od European Voluntary Service... - Older people: help, support and assistance to the elderly ans socially disadvantaged families or elderly dependents. Support Social Service and Community Dining in Lodoselo (Sarreaus). Paratransit service, dining to home... support and help with activities of daily living for people using the Community Housing "Your other home"(12 people), and Lodoselo Day Centre (30 people). - Leisure: Leisure and community animation, Programs aimed at children and youth, intergenerational, older, community... (Town School, camps...). - Environmental Action: Classroom Nature Activies Lodoselo, organic garden, animals... - Proposals for new projects or activities with support, advice and supervision by staff of CDR O Viso. In this project we wold like to have 2 people in two different countries, in order to make the project more rewarding, and the results are more positive. Shall respond profile of a persona interested in the project, wating to work and learn. Employ a dynamic methodology, intercultural working methods, for people who participate can do so on equal terms. We hope that on the one hand, the volunteer skills and acquire skills that will improve their training and therefose your CV, in regard to language proficiency skills as tamwork, solidarity



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