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Date du début: 1 juil. 2015, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project developed from the belief that leisure is a privileged space for education, social prevention and intervention, and with this idea in mind we offer volunteering opportunities to young people for their free time and with appropriate leisure time activities. The european volunteers will take part in educational entertainment activities for children such as ´ludoteca´, school tutoring for children in social risk situations, social integration for youngsters, health education, solidarity campaigns supporting collaboration and drawing attention and other specific activities of social awareness. Regarding the work in ASPANAEX, the volunteers will offer their support during the activities the association organizes for people with disabilities and their families. They will assist in the development of all activities the Association generates and in different centers that offer direct care for ASPANAEX users – the Educational C., The Daily Schedule and Housing Supervision (support during classes, babysitting, psychomotor activities, workshops for social skills and independence, for personal development, sport activities,…). They will also participate in the carrying out of different tasks performed in the other Centers (workshops about decorations, leather work, carpentry and restoration, paper recycling, themed parties, costumes, house chores, leisure time field trips outside as well as inside the facilities (sport events, theater, cinema, museums,…). The volunteers can take part in whichever actions they feel more involved in and can also propose other ideas. In Arela the volunteer will also get involved in leisure time and recreational activities for the children belonging to Casa familia, helping them with their school work, acquiring new skills, coexistence learning … as well as prevention activities and offering support to young people with legal action in the day center managed by the association. This project will reinforce the work done in all entities, enhanced by the participation of the European volunteers and their suggestions, ideas and personal projects, as well as strengthening the collaboration between all three associations.



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