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Proyecto de internacionalización de la Formación Profesional del IES Valle de Elda: Por la mejora de la calidad de la formación
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The Institute of Secondary Education Valle de Elda, is the promoter of the project internationalization of Vocational Training IES Valle de Elda: By improving the quality of training in which 36 students start Initial Vocational Training provides for their period of Training at Work (three months) in Italy and Germany, belonging to the Intermediate Vocational Training: Trade and Assistance to persons in situations of dependencyThe center has six sets of training cycles average degree of both training cycles with a total of 113 first-year students who will be able to perform the FCT module from the next course 2015-2016 as follows: 4 Students of Commerce and 14 students will make their FCT geriatric care from April to June 2016 and 2017 respectively in Germany and Italy, coinciding with the period of Training at Work. It is to continue the project started in 2012 and the announcement that allowed 8 students IVT conduct their practices in Italian European institutions.The main objective is to improve opportunities for accessing the European labor market on equal opportunities as other EU citizens, thanks to the professional competence validation module FCT.Consider that for the EU one of the primary objectives of the 2020 strategy was to make the European Union "became the based on the most competitive and dynamic knowledge economy in the world" for it was one of the pillars of learning for all throughout life, specifically says: "Modernising the European social model, investing in people and combating social exclusion"We must recognize that the figures of failure in Spain outweigh the recommendations set by the EUMoreover, the financial and economic crisis we are experiencing in recent years has shown that the best educated societies are better able to respond in times of crisis. In that sense as we have seen, Europe is strongly committed to education and training as basic pillars of its economic and social model as laid out in 2020.The Europe 2020 target is to develop, sustainable smart growth (education, knowledge and innovation) (an economy that uses resources more effectively, greener and competitive) and inclusive (an economy with high employment and economic, social and territorial)Therefore we consider it essential for sustainable, innovative and inclusive training models offer our European students learning good practiceSo participants will learn new techniques work, improve their language skills and be aware of the opportunities to learn foreign languages. Thus, we aim to contribute to their formation as responsible citizens in their work and in their social and cultural life. With the project we intend to ensure the integration of young technicians in a global and plural societyAlthough our center has more host partners for belonging to the network MOU, have chosen only those companies that best meet our needs



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