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Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

PROJECT CONTEXT The mobility project for the people with learning purpose fits into the training necessities in four main lines, going deeply into two foreign language (English and french), knowledge and deepening in the teaching methodology , use the technology and pedagogical innovation and design and management of educational programs. These necessities are due to the bilingual project (English) is carrying on and the teaching of a third language (french) that is being promoted over the last years. NUMBER AND PROFILE OF THE PARTICIPANTS The teachers that take part have all long educational experience, between 6 and 12 years, and they have B1 level at English and French, although some of them have even higher. They are also highly motivated and involved in the bilingual project. Their training is extensive and they belong to different educational departments, such as physical education, primary-bilingual, primary and infant school. For this reason, the bilingual project is properly structured thanks to the involvement of all these departments, since it would be a multidisciplinary collaboration from the very first moment. However, in order to improve the bilingual education in different school subjects with excellent educational criteria, some teachers need training in English and French speaking countries. DESCRIPTION OF THE ACTIVITIES They are organized in four lines: 1. Teaching and learning of foreign languages. 2. Institution and/or method of quality improvement. 3. New innovating curriculum/ educational method/ development of training courses. 4. Design and management of educational programs. METHODOLOGY The participants commit to doing Daily Planning and a Dossier with information purposes, to entering blog uploading videos, documents or files on CEIP Europa website. The monitoring and assessment of the European Development Plan (E.D.P.) will be carried out by the commission chosen by the Technical Board of Pedagogic Coordination. ANTICIPATE RESULT AND IMPACT As for educational experience it is clear that the plan means great impact as it will be the vehicle to improve the quality and management of the present education system. IMPROVEMENT IN THE AUTONOMOUS DEVELOPMENT AND PROFESSIONAL CONSCIOUSNESS. IMPROVEMENT IN THE PRODUCTION OF CURRICULAR MATERIALS AND THE CREATION OF THE LEARNING COMUNITY. IMPROVEMENT IN ALL STUDENTS. POSSIBLE BENEFICTS IN THE LONG TERM. We expect to contribute as European citizens to extend all kind of cultures since they do not coexist isolated but they enrich through comparison and interaction. Their consequences in the learning processes is quite clear: individual will not learn the different languages and cultures separately but they will try to develop communicative competence of global nature instead. This will also contribute positively to provide all students with European mobility and with the cohesion and social inclusion of the students in our school.