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Proyecto Comunitario de Educacion en el Tiempo libre para niños y jovenes.
Date du début: 15 août 2016, Date de fin: 14 juin 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Federación Batean based on volunteers between 18 - 30 years old.,most of them are coming from our neighbourhood in Pamplona,it is called Rochapea. They do many different activities for children/ and youngsters from the neighbourhood: children´s playroom,helping with homework, handicraft, dances, sports, computer workshops, music lessons, camps...Federación participate every cultur and social event what organised in the neighbourhood, create space for children and youth, andalso have good connections with other similar assosiations from the surrounding neighbourhood. The activities is opened for everychildren and youngster from our neighbourhood, but significant percent of them are involved in social difficulties, the Federaciónget support and working with Department of Social Services City of Pamplona.The hosting organisation presnted a project for a volunteer, and the participating countries will be Ukraine and Spain. The hostingorganization is Federatión Batean, and the sending organization is / Mykolaiv city youth non-profit organisation “Iskra”. The activity for the volunteer willlast 9 monts, from 1th September in 2016. untill 31th May in 2017.The possibility to grow the group of moniters by a europian volunteer is an enriching experience, for the volunteer because she canlearn about different way of education in free time and is enriching for our assosiation aswell, for all the new things what thevolunteer can provide, new activities, different way of working, new ideas, new culture...The europian volunteer offered her help for other monitors in the free time activities of Federación, she can help with her suggestionaccording to her preferences. Together with the rest of volunteers plan, organise, develope the actividades. Considering all thepossibilities what the volunteer can learn is multicomplex, especially can learn about the variety of activities what the volunteer mayattened and about the singularity of children, participants in the activities, amount of percent of children has social difficulties and itcan pose challenges for him.



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