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Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our Erasmus + KA1 project, " Atlanta: Linguistic Diversity , Learning and Culture International Labour , 2015-2016 " requested by our center, with the full support of the management and staff of the expert , comes to respond to people need to acquire skills in language training, and also meet the challenge of another country to make their professional training are proposed , as well as expand the vision for other enriching culture as their own and interact internationally .The profile of participants focuses on people of any age , especially young people, who need to acquire work experience in other regulated and VET ( Professional Certificates ) various specialties, such as : Management and Administration, Commerce and Marketing, Hospitality and Tourism , Information Technology and Telecommunications , Security and environment and Socio-Cultural Community Services , for the sake of entering the labor market , national or international and basic to function in other than the native language skills as well as open other possibilities EU will make them progress in their mobility, regardless of the reasons that lead them to cross other borders.The role of the host , participants permeate into tranquility and need to enjoy your stay and take advantage of their learning and support their desire to work . Will have the ability to function in the necessary and appropriate to make your stay unforgettable infrastructure.The expected long-term impact will be : employability for our participants , inside and outside our borders , removing negative influences to go outside , get to continue with their curriculum and expertise in VET programs , avoiding abandonment and academic Finally interact on the connection between supply and demand which are the languages thread.The benefits that the participants acquire develop this project are: improving vocational training increasing their autonomy , expanding their vision towards other countries with other cultures and diversity in knowledge of a different language.



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