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"Province is a state of mind not place on the map of Europe"
Date du début: 1 août 2014, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

1 OBJECTIVES and description of activities : The " Province is a state of mind not place on the map of Europe" aims to further overcome the local community county Milicz xenophobic attitudes and broadening understanding of the benefits of the idea of ??a common Europe for Poles. This is a general, main objective but we also have smaller ones which will be necessary to achieve the realization of the main goal. They are : 1. Work with youth and children at risk of social exclusion ( in daily centres , gyms , sports halls, stadiums, swimming pool ) - awareness of the possibilities offered by the modern Europe , strengthening their proactive attitudes , indicating effective tools for searching a job in future. 2. Working with disabled people - to open them in a variety of other forms of non-verbal communication , extend their range of experience . 3. Working with pupils from high schools in the small towns/villages in the area of ??broadening their perspectives, career aspirations and life and language capabilities . Youth learning in schools in the district Milicz has far fewer opportunities to access a wide range of positive patterns of behavior , or even sources of knowledge . The fact that "everything is on the internet " unfortunately does not make young people can benefit from this knowledge and use it in order to broaden their opportunities to learn or work. Therefore, it is valuable for them to contact the international EVS volunteers who become for them source of inspiration and knowledge - the real "role models" Based on our previous experience in managing projects of EVS , we are convinced that to get the most you can break all the stereotypes and xenophobic narratives which exist openly or hidden (often unaware of their own biases residents of counties away from large urban centers ) xenophobes by confronting them with real situations which clearly deny their way of thinking . Achieving this goal is paradoxically simple, but it requires the factors that ensure long-term EVS projects - systematic work , the time that the local community can see and appreciate it, and at the end the promotion and visibility of the effects of measures obtained in the framework of EVS projects . 2. NUMBER AND PROFILE OF PARTICIPANTS : The project involves four Polish host organizations ( 2 local municipalilty and governing bodies and 2 NGOs ), one of which acts as the coordinating organization. 3 Sending Organisations (Ukraine, Spain , Turkey) , and 7 of EVS volunteers ( Volunteer profile : age between 18-30 , openness , creativity , communicative English language skills , curiosity about the world and people ) 3. METHODOLOGY USED IN THE PROJECT : Working methods of non-formal education and non-formal - Based on practical experience and student activity . The methods used in non-formal education are all kinds of workshops, perform assigned duties , practical action. Carried out in accordance with the principle : Tell me and I forget, show me and I may remember , let me take part and I will understand. Non-formal education is different from not only the formal methodology , but also the relation of the student - teacher . It is less formal , focused on cooperation and mutual activity. The "teacher" does not only transmit knowledge but is also a guardian and a guide. The learning process is flexible and tailored to the needs of the student . It is he alone determines its shape and direction. Therefore, non-formal education requires commitment , activity and awareness of the particular volunteer. 4 THE RESULTS AND IMPACTS OF THE PROJECT: Expected influence in this case is that local community (especially youth) will "use" of volunteers as examples that show one of the possible routes to choose life. For the youth of the area of Milicz is particularly important because around them they do not have too many attractive and at the same time real and possible to copy the " paths of development " . Impact of the expected ( and almost certain , if we refer to our experience from previous projects ) on the local community as a whole, is to overcome national stereotypes , prejudices and fears. 12 months is a sufficient period to even the most conservative and closed local society recognized the positive impact of the introduction amongst them the young people of a different model of behavior, other habits , other ways of expression. So the results of project will be broadening the horizons of intellectual and cultural Milicz area citizens in contact with young people from the EU and partner countries. 5. LONG-TERM BENEFITS : Are: a) preparing healthy, based on respect and trust relationship between the inhabitants of different countries b ) Develop mechanisms for sustainable cooperation between the leaders of local societies (organizations and individuals) to build a common Europe. c) Openness to other cultures local community in Milicz , and c



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