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Date du début: 1 mai 2015, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The context of this project comes from the work made by Euroaccion on social inclusion, disadvantaged people (immigrant, young offenders, ethnic minorities, ...) and from the partnership among other entities and Euroaccion, who work together in these areas. Those entities which Euroaccion is working with are the hosting organizations in this project. This is an EVS long term project (17 months duration) and Euroaccion is the coordinating organization. In this project there are 6 EVS hosting activities (11 months duration) where 6 organizations of Murcia (Euroaccion, Abraham Project, Traperos de Emaús, Cucurumillo, Innuendo and Astrade) will host 8 european volunteers that come from different countries of Europe (France, Poland, Slovenia, Estonia, Italy and Armenia). In this project, 7 organization from those countries will send their volunteers to Murcia. The objectives of the project are: - To provide a space to the European volunteers for improving their aptitudes and key competences, by promoting intercultural dialogue and learning processes, solidarity, and the adquisition of new skills in working on social inclusion and in using non-formal education methodolodgies. - To improve the existing activities in Murcia for young and excluded people through the support provided by the European volunteers and by other entities in the organization of those activities. - To strengthen the collaboration between entities who work at local and international level in promoting social inclusion, Youth work (especially those with fewer opportunities) and social inclusion for adults and children, and promoting the learning of values regarding the care and respect for the environment. - To promote the Erasmus + Program: YOUTH IN ACTION in Schools, Universities and other entitites who work with young people thanks to the support given for the European Volunteer. - To strengthen and improve the competences and skills of youth workers involved in the partner organizations of this project and those of other workers in the area of youth who are involved directly or indirectly in this project. The working methodology, will be based primarily on group dynamics, Non-Formal Education, working groups, discussions, exercises and role-plays, energizers, social theatre, multimedia presentations, exercises of individual reflection about the own Learning and Activities for self-evaluation of skills (and better preparation Youthpass), interviews with the tutor and with the project coordinators, etc. We aspire to generate a better quality in the work that the volunteers develop in their local communities and sending organizations after their EVS Project. We also aspire that the organizations involved in project will create a network , focused on the creation of new projects´ proposals at local, national and international level. We expect this project to have a positive impact on the European volunteers, on the involved organizations, stakeholders and on other people with whom the volunteers work with directly or indirectly.



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