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ProNet – Youth led social project development
Date du début: 2 oct. 2014, Date de fin: 1 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

ProNet is a multidisciplinary long term project incubator for youth groups from eight different countries for developing social projects to make an impact in their local realities. ProNet was inspired from an innovative research project on youth unemployment started last year called JOBNET. ProNet wants to build a network of youth leaders and to give to the project teams practical tools focused on the needs of the youth projects through non formal workshops, formal round tables and panel discussions with experts and case study visits. The participants will develop and gain facilitation skills, knowledge and attitudes that will help their process. There will be created a secure environment in order for the participants to develop and to improve through peer and expert feedback. These actions will lead to developing and implementing sustainable social projects on the needs previously identified. One element of innovation of the inspiration of ProNet, JOBNET was that the research was done by youth for youth. Therefore our participants will be young people with the age between 19- 30, that are active in their NGOs and who can be multipliers for the social ideas born in the incubator. The project is designed for 24 participants, each partner country having 3 representative that will develop a social project. The ProNet process lasts a year and consists of three residential seminars that supports the groups in the development of their projects and for the implementation of it once back in their home countries. Each seminar focuses on an important stage of the project and group development, from concept development, to implementation and granting long term stability and autonomy. The activities that will be present in the workshops will follow the principle of Design Thinking by facilitating the divergent and convergent process of thinking and creating a prototype that will be tested afterwards and improved through feedback. The methods that shapes ProNet are in the framework of non formal education and follows the experiential learning principles. Taking into consideration that, in the beginning of the event, the participants will go through a divergent processes we will use methods that will facilitate this process: OST, Brainstorming, Brainwriting, Action caffe etc. The result from ProNet will be a network of eight international project teams who will have implemented long lasting social projects that become stable in their community and build the base for further international social project incubators. As a long term benefit we strive for creating a community of young social entrepreneurs that will tackle important societal aspects and that will become change makers in their society through their society.



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