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Promotion of Volunteering
Date du début: 1 mai 2016, Date de fin: 30 juin 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"Promotion of Volunteering" (PROMOVOLU) is a project which has been designed an being implemented thanks to a partnership between two organizations: Tambour Battant (FR) and SCI Hellas (GR).The project aims to promote international volunteering as an opportunity for people to get involved and committed in a community profit action and international solidarity, and as an opportunity for personal development and acquirement of competencies.The project follows three main objectives:1. Develop youth commitment in voluntary work for the community benefit;2. Develop European cooperation in the field of youth and volunteering;3. Youth empowerment through voluntary work.To reach the projects objectives, the partners will implement two activities: Long term European Voluntary Service in each partner organisations' countries. It will include the participation of 1 French participant and 1 Greek participant.Both partner organisation will be Hosting and Sending organisation. Tambour Battant (FR) will also be the coordinator of the project. The selected participants will be given the following tasks:- Communication and media management;- Organisation of raise awareness campaigns;- Organisation of group and individual meetings with local beneficiaries;- Organisation of regular events and workshops;- Office work;- Online language lessons;- Working on personal project. The activities will be carried out by using both non-formal anf formal methodologies. The participants will be supported by experienced teams within the two partner organizations.Venue: Mulhouse (France) and Athens (Greece)Start date: 01/06/2016Duration: 10 monthsThe selection of the participant takes into consideration two main criteria: motivation and interest in the youth work. No education level or professional experience will be required for the selection.The most expected impact of the project is reaching the largest audiance possible amoung the French and Greek young people, and convince them of the relevance of international volunteering as an opportunity for:- intercultural learning;- strengthening solidarity among people;- strengthening the sense of belonging to an European community and most largely to a human community;- acquirement of social and professional competencies;



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