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Promotion of Matching Competences in Language Training
Date du début: 1 nov. 2009,

The partners of PrMaCLT provide language training in ES, BE, LV, DE, CZ and PL to different kind of costumers, from private companies to public administrations, or provide language training as part of their public mandate. In the running of the language courses, a mismatch has been observed in some cases between the formal degree or qualifications obtained and the real need of the customer. For instance: a) The level of grammar is very high, whereas the command of the language in certain real life situations is fair or insufficient (negotiations, presentations, etc).b) The customer does not need an employee wih high general command of a single language, but basic knowldedge of technical terms within its economic sector in multiple languages.This mismatch hampers the competitivity of the private costumers of language courses and involves a suboptimal approach of the resources for the public customers. PrMaCLT proposes the following solution to tackle this problem:Establishing a transversal comparison of methodologies of language learning pulled out from 12 real cases (2 per partner) already identified, for different levels of education and target groups, helping identifying optimal resources to match compentences acquired with purpose of the planned learning. The comparison will be established within 4 working axis described in the workplan, taking into consideration the opinions of the actual beneficiaries of the language learning courses (learners and customers), who will validate the results during the development of the project.The results of the comparison will be compiled in a Guide in the 6 languages of the consortium and disseminated through national stakeholders and international networks of language training providers. They will be also available online for the general public.Finally, an exploitation plan has been designed to use the knowledge gathered, through the design of a multilingual e-Learning module prototype in 6 languages.



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