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Promotion of International Voluntary Service as tool of Non-Formal Education
Date du début: 1 janv. 2016, Date de fin: 31 mars 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Over 20 years EstYES has been active promoting the ideas of voluntary service in Estonia seeing in it an effective tool of community development, environment protection, solution of some problems as well as a powerful tool of non-formal education of young people. On one hand ESTYES works with young local volunteers motivating and involving them into voluntary service projects and diverse youth activities thus supporting the development of civil society and better understanding of role of active citizenship by young people. On the other hand, the important direction is spreading the ideas of international voluntary service across Estonia, attracting new local partners for the international projects, developing closer ties with and engaging local communities. Considering this background we can describe proposed EVS project as the one dedicated to the promotion around Estonia the general idea of voluntary service, involving young people (especially with disadvantaged background and Russian speaking minority group thus increasing accessibility of international voluntary service and international youth projects), engaging new local partners for voluntary projects of different kinds, designing and helping to run new projects involving local communities, developing closer ties between those and ESTYES, practical participating in the voluntary actions and activities around Estonia, etc.This project will involve one participant from partner organization SFERA based in Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia. As international voluntary service organisations EstYES pursues the following objectives hosting volunteer in the organisation:• to use this EVS project as a tool to support EstYES efforts in developing and promoting international voluntary service of different types as well as young people mobility, intercultural learning and non-formal education;• to increase the quality of short term voluntary service projects (workcamps) run by EstYES;• to define (and involve) potential new partners for voluntary service projects in local communities;• to assist networking of national organisations and projects interested in international voluntary service;• to enhance work with young people involving them to EstYES diverse activities and managing the whole organisation thus offering meaningful alternative to them;• to work on involvement of young people with fewer opportunities, especially from Russian speaking minority group into international exchange and voluntary service programs of different types.The role of volunteer is to be the promoter and actor in the field of youth voluntary service, involving young people (special emphasis on young people with lesser opportunities) and local communities. As volunteer has already some experience of working in similar organisation in Russia, we believe she can bring innovative element to our work sharing her previous experiences. Moreover, there is a good chance for volunteer to use her potential and develop her skills at the international level.Futhermore, the volunteer will be strongly encouraged to propose her personal micro-projects/ initiatives related to the theme of this EVS project, which will be supported by the host organisation.Talking about results of this project and its beneficiaries, first and most of all the main expected impact of this EVS activity is the achieved learning outcomes of the volunteer: • development of workforce-related skills; development of personal and social skills; • personal growth / independency; acquirement of experience and development of new skills; • development of organisational skills; experience and appreciation of cultural and social differences; • growth of tolerance and understanding; enhanced knowledge of European Union, European Commission, Erasmus+ Programme; • knowledge of foreign languages, culture, traditions and social affairs.Impact on involved organisations can be described as follows:• young people in Estonia will get to know about different possibilities of international volunteering and get motivation to take part in it;• the project will foster volunteers’ and also youth’ sense of European citizenship and will help them to understand their role as part of the present and future of Europe;• the volunteers will bring new experience and fresh atmosphere to the hosting organisation;• the cooperation between EstYES and SFERA will be deepen and enhanced• the volunteers will broaden youth people’s horizons;• reinforced partnership with other youth organisations in Estonia;• more young people involved in the international voluntary service activities;Improved visibility of Erasmus+ program and projects



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