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promotion de la mobilité européenne dans l’artisanat
Date du début: 1 juil. 2014, Date de fin: 30 juin 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project "promote European mobility in handicraft " will be built in on Rhône -Alpes by a consortium composed of 6 members : 1 Coordinator ( Regional Chamber of Handicrafts Crafts Rhône -Alpes) and 5 sending partners: Drôme Ardèche Vocational Training Association – ADAFP, CCI Ardèche - André Fargier CFA - CFA AF, CECOF Chamber of Trades and Crafts Rhône CMA69- and SEPR. The organization of 11 mobility projects (9 for apprentices and 2 for companies members of Chamber of handicrafts) is planned. This will represents 82 scholarship : 45 apprentices ( stay: 2-3 weeks) preparing a Level IV or V for food trades , automotive, hairdressing and beauty , 5 trainers / staff ( stay: 2-5 days), 23 companies members and staff of the Chamber of Handicrafts ( stay 3 days) and 9 coaches ( stay: 2 days to 3 weeks). In terms of destination projects : 3 in Germany, 2 in the UK, 2 in Italy , 1 in Finland, Iceland, Spain and Belgium. These various mobility projects aim to provide training and / or exchanges of experiences, Specifically for apprentices : open to another culture for young people, encourage independence , self-confidence and adaptation, learn new ways of working , develop career , expanding employment opportunities, comprehend a foreign language . In terms of consortium management, coordinator proposed a Memorandum of Understanding formalizing roles. Each partner in the consortium organizes formalization with his interlocutor (sending partners, hosting and / or beneficiary individuals) through specific conventions. Each consortium sending partner has prepared a work plan for his mobilities with six common activities (excluding the mobility activity itself). Activity 1 - Implementation or renewed partnership with host partners: sending partners are in charge to get in touch and to implement for partnership . About 50 % of mobility consortium come from a renewal . For new mobility, contacts are made through the Rhône-Alpes platform for international mobility and "exchanges" between the consortium partners. Activity 2 - information to potential beneficiaries: through various tools, sending partners inform their apprentices or firms about the purpose of organized mobility and logistical aspects . Activity 3 - Selection of candidates based on the selection criteria. Each sending partner will organize its selection procedures. Activity 4 - : logistics mobility : under the terms of partnerships developed with host partner , the transportation, part management with the sending , administrative and social management is a matter for the sending partner . The section on finding hospitalitybusinesses, finding accommodation , organization of socio-cultural program is à matter for the host partner . The part relating to the curriculum and monitoring is a joint work between the two partners. Activity 5 - Preparation of applicants: the sending partner planned preparedness actions . The consortium will work on training " ante " mobility specifications. Activity 6 - Dissemination: A majority of sending partners has planned specific dissemination activities regarding the dissemination of their mobility. Actions under the consortium are also implemented. Apart from the impact on improving personal skills ( self-empowerment , improved self-image , confidence in his abilities ), the consortium expects that the projects for apprentices allow participants in the short-term, to bring them a new structuring to contribute to the success of their degree course and in the medium / long term to ensure their employability. Impacts on members of the consortium:For sending partner of the consortium, impact is based on the highlighting of mobility in their training . Note that the mobility organization in the CFA helps to attract more young people, providing a dynamic image of the institution. For the coordinator of the consortium, the impact is mainly in terms of image and rooting with CFA as the actions of the University of Trades and Crafts Rhône -Alpes , University without walls dedicated , established in 2010 to promote partnership activities for the training of craftsmen and apprentices .



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