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Promoting the Efficiency of VET Learner Mobilities in health and social care professions by implementing ECVET
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Already nowadays, demographic developments result in a lack of qualified health care work force, especially in western European countries. It is expected that this lack will increase in the next decades. The mobility of qualified workers across Europe is one essential means of acting against this. To enable and to motivate young people, who are being trained in a health care profession in VET, to benefit from the European labour market as a whole for the pursuit of their careers, is thus a central objective of this project. Mobility projects for VET learners are therefore an opportunity to foster the intercultural and linguistic competences of the participants, and at the same time they help to diminish thresholds for access to the European education and labour market. The project will therefore focus on developing tools for the facilitation of mobility project implementation. The project partnership is composed of altogether six institutions from Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, the Netherlands and Turkey. The partners are VET schools and / or experts in mobility implementation. Together they will develop processes and instruments for the efficient implementation of VET learner mobility projects. High quality standards shall be guaranteed by sustainable partnerships. In detail, the objectives of the project are: 1) To support and facilitate the implementation of VET learner mobilities by developing reliable processes which are to be implemented according to defined quality criteria. 2) To provide for the recognition of learning outcomes acquired during these VET learner mobilities. For this purpose the project will provide transparent descriptions of Units of Learning Outcomes according to ECVET principles alongside with instruments and methods for delivery, assessment, validation and recognition thereof. 3) To support flexible learning pathways and readiness for European mobility of VET learners in health care professions. This well help to provide well-qualified staff: young professionals with an easier access to the European labour market. For reaching the project’s objectives, the project consortium will implement the following activities: - Analyzing the needs of the regional and local labour markets as well as of the existing training profiles in initial VET at the participating institutions in health and social care professions. - On the basis of a multilateral comparison thereof, defining units of learning outcomes in health and social care which are suitable for acquisition during VET learner mobilities and which represent a particular added value. The learning outcomes will be described transparently in terms of knowledge, skills and competences according to ECVET requirements. - Defining processes for the assessment, documentation and validation of learning outcomes acquired during mobility. - Defining processes for mobility project management from an organisational point of view and developing templates which can be used for the facilitation of these processes. - Summarizing the above-mentioned findings in a “Quality Guideline for mobility projects in health and social care professions” - Implementing VET learner mobilities of altogether 30 learners for testing purposes and revising the beforehand developed documents according to the findings. The tangible results of the project – a set of Units of Learning Outcomes and a “Quality Guideline for mobility projects in health and social care professions” – will make provisions for the desired impacts to increase - the percentage of VET learners who participate in European mobility projects and - the use of ECVET for the recognition of learning outcomes acquired during mobility. In the longer term, the project will help to implement more mobility projects with a high quality level and the guarantee of recognition of acquired learning outcomes. The project partners will build a network of institutions active in mobility implementation. Their cooperation will be formalized by concluding Memoranda of Understanding Due to the implemented dissemination processes, other institutions will be enabled to use the project’s results, too, which will result in an even more increasing number of VET learners able to participate in mobilities.



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