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Promoting Sustainable Excellence in Testing and Assessment of English
Date du début: 15 oct. 2011,

This project will contribute to the development of the National Qualifications Framework in the Russian Federation in the field of language learning, developing assessment literacy among school teachers of English. Modules for the training of teachers will be developed in accordance with the European tuning processThe project will, with the support of the Russian Ministry of Education:Transfer expertise in assessment literacy training, promoting sustainable inter-university co-operation in this field and establishing regional centres for professional development.Develop sustainable inter-university co-operation on assessment literacy training.Develop and introduce new curricula for English language teacher education in the area of assessing learning outcomes; embedding transparent, international, educational standards for language learning.Promote best practice in the development of instructional modules for higher education institutions in line with the EU Tuning initiative.Outputs, for delivery to trainee Russian teachers via partner universities. will include:Two 30 hour introductory modules on language testing and assessment.Two 30 hour modules on learning outcomes and quality assurance.These four basic modules will become a federal component in the Russian universities’ curriculum for school teacher trainees. They will include lecture sessions and workshop sessions and will be supported by the publication of materials for students and for instructors. Additional distance (online) variations will also be developed in order to facilitate access to the training for in-service teachers.Two advanced 30 hour modules on language testing for delivery to those specializing in testing and assessment who will play a leading role in this area, promoting best practice and sustainability.



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