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Promoting Social Skills Amongst Students
Date du début: 1 déc. 2009,

Social skills can be defined as the skills necessary to have good relationships with others. They include for example ability to express effectively what felt / thought / wished; to listen to and to demonstrate understanding of other people feelings / thoughts / requests; to negotiate effectively with others when our wishes and other people requests differs. Good social skills are critical to successful functioning in life, as they influence academic performance, behavior, social and family relationships. Starting from the Lisbon European Council (2000) their importance is increasingly being recognized in Europe. Following the EC Recommendation on key competences for lifelong learning (2006) many Member states have started to incorporate social skills development in their schools’ curricula. The Project wants to support this trend by producing a Guide on developing social skills addressed to teachers. The Guide, available in 5 languages, will contain 60 lesson plans to be used with students aged 14 and over. The Guide will be validated thorough a pilot carried out with 250 students in 10 secondary schools in 5 European countries. Once validated, the Guide will be directly promoted with over 300 European teachers and an Helpdesk will be activated so to support its use in different countries. All the experiences will be collected and made known on Project’s website, in at least 5 conferences, 15 workshops, 3 congresses and 3 journals. A virtual resource centre on social skills will also be developed and maintained after the end of the project.The Project is submitted by 5 universities and research organizations active in the field of Education plus the 10 schools involved in the pilot. PLEASE NOTE THE LIST IN C.2. BELOW DOESN'T LIST CORRECTLY THE DELIVERABLES BECAUSE THE FORM DOESN'T WORK PROPERLY



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