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Promoting Refugee Rights through Youth Work
Date du début: 6 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 5 janv. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The Training Course ‘Promoting Refugee Rights through Youth Work’ will take place in Limassol, Cyprus over a period of eight days (including travel days) and with 24 participants from Cyprus, Greece, Romania and Lithuania. The participants will be members and/or youth workers and/or youth leaders of the organizations. The objectives of the course are to develop the participant’s knowledge in relation to international protection generally, cultivate the attitudes necessary to inspire them to become involved with this theme in their own organizations as well as the skills to use youth work as a means to this end. More particularly, participants will look at the meaning and objectives of human rights more generally, look at refugee rights within this more general human rights framework and explore facts and statistics of the situations and challenges faced by refugees and asylum seekers in Europe. Further, they will explore means and methods of using youth work as a vehicle for bringing about change in the field of refugee rights through innovative activities such as living libraries and flash mobs. The overarching aim is to improve the capacity of youth organizations to promote refugee rights through youth work by endowing the participants the necessary tools and attitudes to do so. The methodology adopted will emanate from principles of non-formal learning using intercultural learning and human rights education as central tools. The activities employed shall emanate primarily from Council of Europe educational handbooks such as COMPASS, COMPANION and All Different All Equal in addition to theoretical debates and discussions which will be combined with non-formal learning methods such as wall art and buzz groups. Participatory activities such as team games, simulations and role reversals shall allow participants to be at the epicentre of the course. There will also be co-operative group work that will facilitate the understanding of intricate topics and allow for the development of effective problem solving skills, whilst simultaneously ensuring the active participation of all. In addition, participants will have the opportunity to design and implement a flash mob on raising awareness on refugee rights and will also draw up a Resolution that will be sent to the European Parliament on steps that can be taken to promote refugee rights. The training course will constitute a microcosm of tolerance, respect and solidarity, developing keys skills and attitudes that will continue following the end of the course. The participants will have a chance to draw up a plan of action which they will take back to their organizations with a view of enhancing human rights education therein. After the course, AEQUITAS will draw up a report on the project, its aims and objectives, methodologies and activities as well as results which it will disseminate widely as a source for other youth organizations to refer to when implementing such activities.



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