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Promoting Mental wellbeing in VET
Date du début: 1 sept. 2014, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Vocational education and training in Europe can have a positive effect on mental wellbeing. Promoting Mental wellbeing in VET is a Strategic Partership project which is based on developing pedagogical innovation and the exchange of good practice in Mental health promotion, focusing on teachers, tutors, directors and students in VET. In addition the target group includes in-company trainers. Skills in mental wellbeing promotion can be used in teaching and guidance work in classrooms and distance education, work mentoring and other cooperation. The project highlights the importance of the approach that includes everyone to support students mental wellbeing. The "whole college" approach provides a simple, low cost way of promoting mental health. The priorities for the project: •Reinforcing and establishing a pro-active and preventive view to the concept of mental well-being •Developing mental health promoting material together •Piloting and testing new material •Translation of mental health promotion in VET through websites •Planning the training program for the development of competence in mental health promotion in colleges and internship companies The Material and the training programme are sturctured around five themes: mental wellbeing as a resource, self-knowledge, emotions and interaction, coping skills and the learning community. The project consortium will evaluate the new material and training courses. Data will be collected from people who use the material and attend the training programme. There will be a report which describes the findings of the evaluation. Learning mental health konowledge and skills will be an essential component of VET in the future.



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