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Promoting European Awareness and Key competences
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project is situated in the second of the activities provided by Erasmus Plus , in Key Action 2, Cooperation for innovation and best practices. In particular, the action arises within Strategic Partnership in the field of Education, Training and Youth. According to this perspective, some educational institutions, universities, institutes, training agencies, regional and provincial authorities, youth organizations are involved in the implementation of the project The objectives of the project are divided on the supply and assessment of key skills and crosswise skills , such as learning and the consolidation of the Community languages and digital competence, as well as the social and civic competences. Peak Project aims to support the positive effects of long-term , on the participating institutions , systems and individuals involved , with the aim to modernize and strengthen the systems of education and training. The actions implemented are geared to experiment with innovative practices in education and training , implement and transfer those practices in other educational contexts , once they have been tested and validated by the research activities of the teachers and trainers involved in the same project. The project planned actions deal with educational research and analysis , compared to learning, such as curriculum personalization and collaborative learning. The strategic use of information and communication technologies (ICT) , open educational resources (OER) , a pedagogy customized according to the needs of the individual and virtual mobility are the resources around which we act, even in terms of action research and as a community of discourse. Particular attention is devoted to active citizenship and legality: be a European citizen implies the awareness to choose and self-training , as a person aware of rights and duties; implies the need to meet and interact positively with the diversity and complexity of the different contexts (family , educational, social ) , such as personal growth and electives groups. The project aims to promote discussion and sharing among all those involved in the education system and find it necessary to provide young students patterns of growth based on democracy and coexistence of peoples , through cooperation, networwing and peer learning ; on the issues that the project has as priority must be defined at school and in the paths outside school , opportunities for interdisciplinary training focused on growth and development of a European people. The project also aims to promote approaches to interdisciplinary collaboration; enhancing the professional development of those who work or are active in the fields of education, training and youth , innovating and increasing the quality and range of initial and continuing training , with a view to establish the exchange of good practices that can facilitate the recognition and validation of knowledge, and through formal, informal and non-formal skills and competences . It aims to establish a group of teachers trainers from different schools and experts in the use of ICT applied to education , and provided an intermediate language proficiency , according to the CEFR , to identify and articulate some educational courses of particular interest that can be included in school curricula , according to the following steps 1 - Make use in alarge scale of the European platform E-Twinning to communicate and prepare a training platform in e-learning environment Moodle to train trainers to exchange in professional mobility and to gather experiences ; (Pre -mobility ) ; 2 - Prepare an intermediate English language course entirely online, on ANFIS platform Moodle. 3 - To train teachers and actors of mobility to innovative learning practices , such as cooperative learning , peer-tutoring; 4 - Send the teachers in mobility in work groups with destination countries in the EU ; 5 - Articulate , once the project is finalized, as part of the dissemination , a series of training sessions for teachers to launch and sustain, best practices and educational courses developed , both in the schools of the participants, both in schools reached through training sessions . The meetings are targeted to teachers in the schools of the participating regions where they are located ; 6 - Establish a network with all Partnership, to create parallel testing experiences of training course; 7 - Designing some " intellectual products " to make freely available to all those interested .



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