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Promoting Environmental Entrepreneurs 2.0
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This project is an important trend of internationalization that our school has in recent years progress . With the experience of previous projects, we want majorar skills and opportunities offered to our participants. He wants to carry out the project, mainly for two reasons : 1. On the one hand , the human and linguistic development that an exchange can bring to the participants. 2. Furthermore, the project is directly aimed at the opening of job opportunities in rural areas. The implication of our school in the development of the economy of the agricultural sector is very important because we are located in a rural place. "EFA La Malvesía" has trained agriculture and forestry workers for over 40 years. Through this project, students will significantly improve the quality and efficiency of competences. They will implement the professional skills and further will develop their skills in the best place, the workplace. As a result of the work needs of rural areas that it is disadvantaged , the students with their new language and professionals skills will be better prepared to avoid a situation of unemployment. At the moment , we have a tragic labor situation in Spain . Therefore, the objective of the project aims to remedy the work problems of young people and this project would provide that our country needs. Involvement with their jobs in the host country will make them develop responsibility and commitment. In addition , the opportunity to undertake part of their training abroad students will increase their entrepreneurship in the agricultural and forestry sector. In the mobilities , students will acquire learning of the "Training at Work" subject. The acquired training is credited through ECVET and Europass Mobility Certificate . Project activities will include: - An intensive language course ( English and German ) as a complement to the online course project. It will be in the EFA The Malvesía during some weeks until February 2016 . - A visit to schools and host companies . The five participating students would travel with a teacher. In these trips, the coordinatos of the european projects will be specified later mobilities . It will be in February 2016 , after intensive language course. - The mobility of these five students (three participants will go to Belgium and three participants will go to Germany) to do interships in companies and, also, they will take practical training in the host school one day a week. From April 1 to May 31, 2016 . The expected results are the same as the original purpose of our school since 1970. They are the development and training of rural people, including taking a comprehensive education. With this, we hope mobilities can grow of linguistic, technical and personal skills of pupils and they gain maturity and independence that only a stay abroad can give them. At the end, participants will increase their employability and social and professional integration. Finally, our school wants to wait a big impact after project had finished. The three partner schools gain experience on the education system about the gricultural and forestry area in different countries (Spain, Belgium, Germany and France). This will allow us to continue improving our dual system education of Company-Vocational Training School.



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