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Promoting energy efficient and environmentally friendly stoves
Date du début: 1 sept. 2014, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project aims to promote energy efficient and environmentally friendly stove design by creating a study course curriculum and relative teaching materials for stove builders. The partners in the project are all well established in the field of adult education with a long term experience in providing further training courses to stove builders. All partners bring to the project their unique experiences: the Österreichicher Kacheloffenverband Verein is most experienced in areas of research and new developments in stove design, the Wolfshöcher Tonwerke GMBH is producing high quality refractory clay materials suitable for modern stove building and also has experience in training and product development. MTÜ Kütte- ja Ventilatsioonisüsteemide Teabekeskus has in a short time created the most modern specialised training centre for stove builders in Estonia and has a good cooperation network with Stove Builders Association of Estonia and national vocational schools. The project will focus on creating a curriculum to facilitate the teaching of energy efficient and environmentally friendly stove design. A new comprehensive curriculum is needed in the field due to the changes in the energy sector and the more strict norms on solid fuel combustion on Europe. Although the norms are in place there are still measures needed to ensure their proper implementation. The implementation can be achieved through raising target group awareness and giving them the skill set necessary to perform their work accordingly. The improved training possibilities based on a curriculum with modern and up to date information on stove design and materials will improve the target groups competitiveness in the labor market. The curriculum created as the result of the project will be tested in a training session in Estonia and will later be ready to disseminate to other countries through the European Stove Builders Association VEUKO and wider target groups through industry fairs. The project will also include short-term training courses for lecturers/trainers of stove builders in order to widen their knowledge and improve skills in order to ensure the best possible knowledge base for creating the new curriculum. The short-term joint staff training events will focus on new research in stove building (Austria) and new materials being developed (Germany) and will be hosted by two partner organisations. The short-term joint staff events also ensure better understanding of the cultural and historical differences between the partners which can then be taken into account in the curriculum creation. This in turn will guarantee the curriculum will be created so that it can be later adapted for use in other countries.



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