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Promote diversity, promote human rights
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

In our EVS project "Promote diversity, promote human rights" (duration 10 months) will participate two volunteers - one from UK and one from Poland. Our aim is to improve the education on human rights and tolerance in Lithuania by carrying out local projects involving international volunteers, which would bring multicultural environment to the local activities carried out by our organization. Another aim is to actively promote knowledge on human rights in EU, cultural diversity, fighting racism and xenophobia, challenge viewpoints that perpetuate inequality, discrimination. Another important objective is to involve volunteers in local activities, promoting voluntary work in the society, especially when it comes to human rights education. The most important objective is to help volunteers to develop personal and job skills, which would enable them to become NGO team leaders, EU law or human rights law experts or our workers on international level. The main objectives of the project are as follows: - Developing and improving volunteers‘decision making, organisational, team leading and personal skills; - Preparing competitive young specialist for EU labour market; -Improving the process of Social Cohesion in the local community; -Improving skills of working in an international environment while carrying out project for local community; -Bringing actions, which stimulate national minorities’ participation in social life, increasing sense of initiative and entrepreneurship; -Improving foreign language competences and cultural awareness; -Bringing international volunteers into direct contact with local community, especially national minorities, which would strengthen the feeling of belonging to the EU as an international community of people from various cultural backgrounds; -Dissemination of the important issues of human rights protection in Lithuania and EU among the local community, policy makers and educational institutions. The main activities: educational activities, writing reports and analysis; cooperation with local volunteers; meetings with NGOs, governmental institutions and local community; informational campaign; promoting Erasmus +, non-hate speech movement. The participants will acquire new skills or improve their competences (working in a team, human rights education, work planning and preparing strategies, working with a local community in a new cultural environment, international law and national law system specifics, language skills). The project will also increase opportunities for professional and career development for the volunteer. The volunteers will create a great contact network during all the activities they will be involved in. The volunteers, as well as the organization workers, interns and lawyers working in the organization will develop their abilities to work in an international environment, learning new skills/work methods/social competences from each other and developing a better understanding of different cultures. It would also bring a European environment into the organization and establish an international environment, which would greatly enrich EFHR as a hosting organization.



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