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projet de formation professionnelle
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our institution is a school of social promotion welcoming about 1250 students each year in different sectors of business that we are teaching (catering, catering industry , butchers , bakery and chocolate and confectionery).Our goal is to make our students acquire technical skills in their various trades and language skills while going to show our expertise in other European countries.Our first project would be for 8 students, but then after the first year of the project it could accept 15 to 20 students per calendar year.The aim is to fulfill after several years European skills on traditional recipes of our old continent to facilitate professional mobility of our students. The construction of this transmission began two year ago through another European project.Adults who are studying in our institution are either workers who are learning their profession for their future life career, either workers or job seekers in career transition. Our goal is to train them to face the professional landscape while living and working in Brussels, the Capital of Europe. Our project may also lead our students to settle themselves in other countries to share their work and achievements. Our methodology is based on international internships with as guarantee of the quality of this the education in a host country institution. We will welcome, for internships within our partners' companies, foreign students from our partner schools with the same educational objectives and acquisition of technical and soft skills. The assessment tools will be the grids built between the partners and tools that we usually use in our schools to assess our students. We strive for national and international employability of our current and postgraduate students.



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