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Projektmanagement im Rahmen von Erasmus+
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

In the past, our educational institution, the Berufliche Schulzentrum für Technik und Wirtschaft Riesa, has already taken part in several European projects, keeps up good relations to the College of Technology in Kaluga/Russia as well to the professional school centre for technical professions IIS "Luigi Cerebotani", Lonato/Italy. We aim to get the title "Europaschule" within the next years. Doing so we are interested in working together with another European educational institutions. We have also cooperated with regional and international partner institutions and have worked on new concepts for common EU-projects. Presently we are preparing the application for these projects. In the first phase, in 2015, we would like to apply for a project by Erasmus + in a project of the programme "Leitaktion2" in which we can be a strategic partner of other schools. In phase 2 the activities should be extended to multinational projects. The aim will be to prepare students and teenagers better for a vocational training, to extend the use of the system of the dual vocational education for a more practice oriented vocational training as well as to prepare the youngsters better for the needs of the European job market. The conceptual preparation and implementation of such projects, the cooperation in the consortium and the compliance with the conditions of EU funding requires a comprehensive and continuous training of those involved. For this reason, I see my participation in the training course as a chance to improve my skills in project management, to enhance intercultural perspectives and to establish personal contacts with potential project partners. The focal points of the training correspond exactly to these aims and provide a comprehensive increase of knowledge. In evaluating and applying the results of the training course there will lead to synergy effects for our own educational institution and the future partners.