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Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

With this project, the organisation aims to study the socio-economic life of the disabled citizens of European Union and which kind of jobs they are employed,their point of view on the European Union projects.The association will take part in this project with 10 participants whom also took part in previous projects of this foundation by the 4th of March 2015., By this research and observation the diferences of living standards between the host country and Turkey will be revealed.The ways to eliminate these differences through European Union projects will be discussed and ideas will be shared. The Project Cycling Management training courses in the host country will be studied to include disabled citizens to the process in Turkey.In that study the observed data of the disabled citizen living quality of the host country will be included to the syllabus of PCM training courses for the disadvantaged groups. In the training course for disabled citizens 120 people will be trained for project cycling management and project writing. Within the scope of the project,an association for disabled people will be visited.Being accompanied by that association,the interviews and business visits will be held to obtain information on the disabled employees life.Each activity will be recorded through interviewers to be revised and discussed. At the end of the project, it is anticipated to provide disabled citizens a better life quality, living standards as in the European Union by managing projects for EU. It is also expected to train disabled citizens in Turkey to write projects for European Union projects and distinguish themselves by participating the European Union join process. In other words, with the touch of this project and its activities, the disabled citizens will take their place in action and gain ability to write different projects and employ themselves.This will help them to raise their standards of living up to European Union standards and popularize the EU culture.For 14 days of observation, study and practise activity,12 participants will visit ( Associazione Uniamoci Onlus,Palermo ) ITALY



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