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Projecting YOUth
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

“Projecting YOUth” is a European project coordinated by Asociación Juvenil Teatral On&Off (Spain) in cooperation with Calypso - il teatro per il sociale (Italy) and Integration För Alla (Sweden) which main aim is to improve among young people those basic and horizontal competences needed on each personal and professional field, but focused on its use on the development and creation of theater and artistic projects that do not only increase the active participation of youth, but also promote on the communities on which they could take place, values centered on achieving an inclusive society. Funded under the Key Action 2 of the European Commission’s mobility and education programme Erasmus+ (Strategic partnership for youth), “Projecting YOUth” is a one-year partnership at international level that aims to join together organisations and experts from different countries in order to work and exchange good practices related to the training of young people for their employability on the mentioned field, and that could allow them to develop their own initiatives thanks to a combination of formal and non formal methodologies. To achieve this, partner organisations have designed and will develop different workshops at local level that will provide concrete competences and create learning materials for young people using as a base the theory of the multiple intelligences of Howard Gardner: Musical–rhythmic and harmonic, Visual– spatial, Verbal–linguistic, Logical mathematical, Bodily-kinesthetic, Interpersonal, Intrapersonal, Naturalistic and Existential. Even if these workshops will be especially focused on training young people to develop artistic and theater projects, these materials (Collected in a manual) will be suitable for any kind of young person who aims to promote him/her own internal development and acquire horizontal competences basic for any kind of position within the labor market and on the professional field. During the project implementation, partner organisations from the three mentioned countries will run together different activities such as: - Coordination meetings on the project partner countries in order to get to know the best practices and local projects related to youth education through arts and theater. - Design, creation, test and publication of a manual for organisations managing projects for young people, who aim to develop their skills and especially those related to the creation and implementation of theater and drama events for personal or professional reasons. - Transnational activities for youth trainers to capacitate them to use the project outputs. - Local activities for learners (young people) interested on improving their personal competences and professional profiles through the use of theater or by creating their own artistic projects and events. - Visibility and multiplier events on each partner country to disseminate the project results. The work of the partnership will give the opportunity to all organisations working with the education of young people through theatre and drama techniques to access to quality and innovative learning materials specifically adapted to their target groups, therefore ensuring that no one becomes a person at risk of social exclusion and promoting their professional and personal growing through local projects and international initiatives related to the theatre field.



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