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Project Hand-Made – Sharing Cultures
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Date: 1-8 August 2015 Number of participants:48 Countries: Great Britain, Holand, Norway Project Hand-Made – Sharing Cultures is an initiative of young people from different European countries. These people in their everyday life are interested in art and culture and they are animators of local projects. We want to realize this project because we know from our experience how much young people learn through art and creating. During the project there will be organized workshops in which participants will learn how to create soaps, unique freedom cards, notebooks, caskets of tolerance. This subject has been long time on our mind, and so we were able to create a project that contains all the areas of handicrafts that we are interested in. We want to learn new techniques and methods of working with young people, and along with that we develop our thinking about basic European values. This activities will help us later in work with local community, as well as youth integration. The project will be for us the way of development and self-improvement .. Objectives: - to support learners in the acquisition of competencies (knowledge, skills and attitudes) in order to expand their opportunities for personal growth - significant increase of foreign language skills of the participants -to develop the dexterity and to awaken the imagination of young people aged 21-30 years - increase knowledge about handmade art - to develop ability to work with the techniques, methods of handicraft - to introduce to young people the different art techniques and custom materials, - rising awareness and understanding of other cultures and countries among the participants - to increase abilities, attractiveness and the international dimension of organizations active in the field of education, training and youth - Self-learning and coping in different situations, - Development of interpersonal communication, intercultural nonverbal way, which can be an expression of any form of creativity, - An increase in perception, as well as broadening of thinking about spatial thinking - An increase in the ability to use visual code, - Strengthening activities in the group, cooperation, - The development of a personal style, forms of knowledge transfer - Providing the joy of creating and performed works Effect We are confident that our project will be the encouragement for other partner groups try to obtain funds for further exchange and completion of projects in their cities. Upon completion of the activities we intend to stay in touch on the internet forum and share our experiences with interested groups. The young people of the partner cities will learn about our project and the opportunities offered by the program "Erasmus +" photographic exhibition by visiting our exchange on the Internet and on-site. Our group is committed to continuously encourage partners share information about our project and its financing sources in their cities. We will ask them to post report from our actions on their websites and in local media.



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